Earn 100 Euro Online – Easy Options

Making permanent money on the Internet is possible and there are countless ways and instructions on how to work with extensive blogs, own products or large affiliate websites.

But many are just looking for a way to earn a quick 100 euros. That is also possible.Sometimes you just need a little money or you do not plan to build something on the internet in the long run, but only to generate short term revenue.Whatever the reasons, there are many ways to earn some money online. Of course, not as many as in the US, but in Germany there are now a number of sources of revenue that bring in short term money. Below are some of them and give practical tips. But one thing is clear, one does not get rich with these tips and that is not the goal of this list.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative sources of income on the Internet. It is also a very flexible way to earn money online. You do not even need a website of your own.

Instead, you can earn money with affiliate marketing on social network profiles. Affiliate programs like Amazon allow it to be published on Facebook, Twitter, and more. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, so you’re sure to find something suitable. Take a look at Belboon *, SuperClix *, Zanox * and Affilinet.

All you need is a platform with a certain reach. There you can then publish appropriate affiliate links to collect commissions.

Do jobs

We all have our abilities, which is why you can earn money with them today. Outsourcing platforms such as fiverr.com , clickworker.de , 99designs.de or freelance.de offer the possibility of smaller and larger orders for self-employed and companies to do.

Here, of course, you first have to define for yourself what you can do especially well, and then present yourself on the right platforms, to work for reputable sites such as like legalonlinecasino.org. But then you can quickly complete small jobs and earn some money by the way.

Perspectively, you can build on such platforms but also know how, experience and a good reputation, and then to earn money as a freelancer.

Sell ​​photos

If you like to photograph a lot, you should think about selling your own photos. Stock photo platforms like fotolia.de * or alamy.de offer the possibility to upload photos and earn money.

Of course you need a fairly large portfolio of high-quality photos and you should also pay attention to personality and copyright. But then you can even permanently earn money with it, as this example shows.

Niche sites

Niche sites are arguably the easiest site type to make money from. In a short time you can build such a niche website. This makes niche websites very suitable for beginners and for making money by the way. Also, I run my niche websites almost by the way, as I am fully utilized with my blogs. If you already have some experience in building websites, you should definitely look at these methods for earning money.

Paid content

Paid articles are another way to make good money quickly. If you have your own website or blog, you can earn 100 euros or more in a short time.

Providers such as blogfoster.de , ranksider.de * or blogmission.com * allow you to publish foreign articles on your own website and thus make money. Of course you should try to get thematically matching orders, but then it will bring good revenue.

Sell products

Selling something online has become commonplace for many. It’s easy to make a few bucks with grandma’s inappropriate present.On platforms like eBay * or the eBay classified ads , you can quickly and easily sell products that you no longer need.In addition, dawanda.com and etsy.com provide the opportunity for all creatives to bring their own creations to the woman or man.

Save up

This tip may sound a little unsexy, but for many a very good way to have extra money. After all, we already spend everything on money.Which online subscriptions are really necessary? Do you pay regularly for online games? Does the pizza order really have to be every other day? Do you use Netflix in summer?If you take a closer look at your own expenses, there are ways to save money and that’s just as good as making extra money.


Those who like to write but do not want to run their own blog (for example, because of the DS-GVO ), for whom there are still ways to earn by writing money. Thus, online platforms such as textbroker.de or content.de * offer the opportunity to generate income with their own texts. But also many newspapers and magazines are looking for high-quality texts and sometimes offer quite good fees.