What is a decent hit rate in online slots?

The amount of information can seem overwhelming if you’re new to online slots machines. Learning about hit rates, RTP percentages, pay-lines, RNGs, calculating house edge – there’s a lot to research!

However, it is a good idea to do a bit of study into the jargon and basic maths of these machines. Remember that knowledge is power, and going in as a complete novice without any idea of how to play puts you in a losing position, to begin with – play Bezy now.

After all, over the last 20 years, online slots machines have become sleek pieces of technology. Online slot machines have little to do with their antiquated ancestors gathering dust in old pubs. They’re pioneering pieces of iGaming technology, spearheading the sector to places it has never been before at a staggering rate.

Distinguishing RTP percentages from “house edge”

Some people, some of whom are experienced with online slots, still cannot distinguish between RTP percentages and “house edge”. This is fundamental as it will assist you in calculating a decent hit rate.

An RTP (Return to Player) percentage provides a general idea of the expected pay-out over a period of time. Most RTP percentages are around the 96% – 97% mark online, which is far more generous than in traditional casinos.

So, in layman’s terms, the higher the RTP percentage is, the more beneficial it is for the gambler. Nevertheless, players must remember that the RTP percentage is really the opposite of the house edge.

RTP focusses on the gambler’s odds, whereas house edge represents the advantage the casino has over the gambler.

To calculate the two, you must subtract the house edge from 100. For example, if the house edge is 3.77%, the RTP percentage would be 96.33%.

Always check the RTP percentages – every month! 

It’s common to see online slot games offer RTP percentages between 95% and 97%. So, if you have a favourite game that you keep going back to, you probably feel comfortable with your odds after having weighed up a number of factors.

However, RTP percentages can change from month to month on the online casino. Therefore, over a period of time, this will affect your hit rate. Savvy players will keep tabs on the RTP percentages and mix up their slots titles accordingly.

Calculating a decent hit rate 

RTP percentages are so important as you need them to work out your hit rate. Imagine you were to spend £15 daily for 50 days, at the end of wagering, you’d have spent £750.

Now imagine the game you’re playing on has an RTP percentage of 97%. Theoretically, the amount that you’ll calculate as a probable loss will be around £25 over the course of 50 days

However, players should remember that gambling is not a defined science. Just because you’re expected to lose this amount, you may never recoup as much as you think, and the other side of the coin is that you may strike a jackpot and win millions!

But, it’s by calculating the averages over lengthy periods of time that you’ll work out which games suit your situation, and whether they offer decent hit rates or not.