Can slots online be loose?

When you consider the mechanics of online slot games such as Ocean Fortune Slot and the way they function, it is incredibly hard to spot a loose slot at a virtual casino. How slots behave is mostly down to the RTP score of a slot game, along with the volatility rating and the RNG.


The RTP or Return to Player percentage score is a rating given to slot games that are calculated over hours of gameplay, involving thousands of slot spins. The amount wagered is compared to the amount won and this is then expressed as a percentage score. This gives players a rough guide to how much of their wagered cash they can expect to be returned to them, over an extended period of gameplay. 

RTP Complications 

Slots do not follow their RTP rating to the letter, instead, punters can find themselves winning far more or far less than expected. Despite this, high RTP scoring games are best to play because they are loose when compared to low RTP games. These deliver a series of dead spins that can destroy a casino bank balance, leaving players unable to stay in the game to experience a winning streak. 

The thing to remember with high RTP scoring games is that once you hit a big win, the game resets itself and can throw out a series of dead spins, simply because it has already fulfilled its RTP expectations. When this happens, the best plan of action is to move to the next high RTP-rated game. 


Slot volatility refers to how likely a player is to win on a slot game. Here a loose slot would have a low volatility rating which is the opposite to a preferred high RTP score. Low volatility slots are less exciting to play than highly volatile ones. This is mainly because pay-outs are frequent but in the small to medium pay range. Highly volatile slots can dead spin punters to death, and then conjure a hugely satisfying win out of nowhere. 


The Random Number Generator is a computer microchip that continuously creates number sequences. Each number generated, relates to a symbol on the reels of all slot games. Players need enough of the numbers that relate to the highest paying symbols or the bonus triggering ones, to land on the reels in one spin. The RNG has far less influence in making slots loose than the volatility rating and the RTP score. 

Land-Based Casino Slot Machines 

The big difference with land-based casino slots, when compared to online slots, is that players can observe how each physical slot machine is behaving. Gamblers can note which slots are not paying out and which ones are being loose when compared to the others. Furthermore, if a slot hasn’t paid out for a considerable amount of time, then the odds are that the game in question will hit a loose streak eventually. 

These observations are impossible to make when you are playing slots on a virtual online platform, and this is because you can only observe the behaviour of one slot at a time.