Top Holiday Health Hacks

If you are prone to surrender to overindulgence and give up on your healthy routine on holiday, the fear of stepping back on the scales at home may be familiar to you. Staying healthy on holiday doesn’t have to be a chore. Visiting food markets to buy your own fresh produce, driving past the McDonald’s drive-thru and avoiding buffets are just three ways you can improve your health the next time you travel overseas. Be as health as possible by making your body your temple, get a Varicose veins treatment before going away or a nice massage, keep your body relaxed whilst enjoying the sun and relaxation.

Replenishing your fluids

Many of us forget the importance of staying hydrated abroad and unfortunately, bottomless beer or prosecco is not the answer to quenching your thirst. Your body requires a regular intake of water – be it still or fizzy – to remain refreshed and hydrated. Water also helps energize our muscles. When they lack adequate fluids, we may experience muscle fatigue, which can further result in extreme tiredness or exhaustion. The best way to stay hydrated on holiday is to ensure your bottle of water is always topped up, whether it is in your beach bag, on the hotels bedside cabinet, or in your hand.

Stay in shape overseas

Staying in shape while travelling can be challenging. Not only do we just want to put our feet up and lounge around the pool all day, but finding the facilities to workout abroad can be just as difficult. Luckily, most hotels are now equipped with a gym. But, if you find yourself without access to any equipment, take a morning jog before the heat of the sun settles in for the day. Don’t let your fitness fall during your holiday abroad; take it as an opportunity to focus on your health and return home feeling energised and ready for the months ahead.

Stay safe in the sun

Wearing sunscreen won’t prevent you from achieving that sun-kissed holiday glow. But, there are still an alarming number of people who are simply unaware of the power of UV rays and damaging health effects too much sun can have. Not only will sunscreen protect your skin from these harmful rays, but it will also prevent premature aging and lower the risk of skin cancer. So, the next time you set out to sizzle in the sun, think: sunscreen. It’s sold for a reason!

Caution: liquid calories

Nothing quite says ‘holiday’ like sitting on a plastic sun lounger under a parasol on the beach, watching the waves lap repeatedly against the sand with faint voices in the distance and a lovely, sugary cocktail in hand. By no means are we saying that you should avoid sipping cocktails altogether, you’re on holiday after all, but to drink them in moderation. Healthier alternatives include sugar-free fizzy drinks as the mixer and opting for low-calorie alcoholic beverages to consume during the day, such as tequila, rum, vodka and gin.

Focus on the fun!

There’s no doubt about it; one of the best things about travelling is the food. Even though we don’t intend to sabotage our health and fitness when on holiday, it happens. From fresh burrata to Belgian waffles drizzled in smooth syrup, most, if not all of us, want to taste the local delicacies when abroad. Coming home, however, is an entirely different story. The best way to enjoy your holiday and the delicious food, is to focus on the fun, the warm climate and bronzed glow you will get. While calling room service in convenient, avoid snacking late at night because your body is more likely to store those calories as fat, rather than burn it as energy throughout the day.