How to keep your garden looking great this winter

Preparing your garden for winter can seem like a chore. But, when done properly, it can help prevent pests burrowing in your garden, as well as kill weeds and diseases that could cause potential problems when the temperature rises once again. So, do you really know what good winter garden ‘prep’ consists of? Take into account our top tips to keep your garden looking great this winter until the sun shines bright and you can set out your carefully-crafted teak furniture once again.

Remove Greenhouse Shading

At the start of September, the days become shorter, and natural daylight is an increasingly valuable resource. Before the dark nights close in, remove the shade paint in your greenhouse to maximise the duration of sunlight your plants are exposed to. Some scrubbing with hot water will bring the glass up sparkling clean, just how it once was. But, be careful. It is vital to pay particular attention to gutters where trapped leaves could prevent rain water escaping from the roof of your greenhouse.

Clean up the Garden Beds

To keep your garden looking great this winter, dig up plants that are unable to survive the chilly spell and add them to the compost heap. You can then replant your flower beds with winter bedding, such as pansies and bellis daises for a vibrant display when spring bounces back into action. Even though the entire process may seem a little overwhelming at first, working through one garden bed or area at a time, depending on how big your garden is, makes it feel a little more manageable and less daunting.

Looking after your lawn

The best way to ensure your lawn remains looking perfect throughout the winter months is by gradually lowering the cutting base of your lawn mower each time you cut the grass. This will enable it to work well without the shock of mowing it short at once when the warm weather returns.  If you can, avoid stepping on your lawn when it is wet or frosty to avoid damaging the grass plants – which will not repair themselves until the spring, enabling you to maintain a healthy lawn.

Gather Leaves

Leaves really are the equivalent of gold to garden fanatics. They’re great for many reasons, including the use of mulching in the garden, as compost or a leaf mold. Leaves can be used in three ways: While a generous layer of shredded leaf mulch can be scattered onto the surface of the soil to help suppress weeds, leaves gathered in a compost bin or pile deconstructs into rich humus that your soil loves! Additionally, leaves are the ideal carbon element to add to your compost pile to offset the nitrogen.

Clear leaves and debris

Another way to keep your garden looking fantastic this winter is by removing leaves and debris scattered across the floor, in plant pots and guttering.  Most importantly, when cleaning your garden, don’t forget about the bulbs and sensitive plants. Plants that will need survive winter in your garden need to be dug up and put somewhere where they will not freeze, such as in the garage or basement.