Tips on finding a professional job that suits you

Finding a job is difficult in itself and finding one that suits you perfectly is an even bigger challenge. Depending on what kind of job you are looking for, be it temporary or career based, you normally want it to be enjoyable, you don’t want to arrive to the office every single day and resent the eight hours that you are in there. Take a look at a couple of tips on when job or career hunting that can help you ensure you are going into the right job

Check that the money is correct

We all work because we need money, you probably don’t want to mention that in a job interview but it is the absolute truth. Finding a job that pays you a decent living wage is necessary but you must also discover if you are getting payed the correct amount for the job role itself. Take a look at information on the U.S. job market to understand exactly how much you should be getting paid, or what is the average payment for a role of which you are applying for.

Get some information from other people if it’s a new role

If the job you are looking at applying for, or already have an interview for is one that you personally have never undertaken, do a quick bit of research to find out how other people have found it. Doing research will give you an idea of what it entails, meaning you can have a better idea on if you are going to like it or not and also if in general it is a terrible job and it´s impossible for anyone to like it.

Prepare for your interview, every one is great experience

If you followed the above step and realised that the job is terrible, but you already have an interview, go and attend the interview. This advice is aimed more at helping you at interviewing skills, but every interview will help you and give you more confidence until the correct one comes up and you are all ready. If the employer calls back to give you the job then you know you did well and you can politely decline, however if you receive notification that you didn’t get the job, you can ask for feedback in order to improve for the next one, it’s a win-win situation.

Ask questions about the job in your interview

If you finally have an interview for a job you really like, almost always the interviewer is going to ask you towards the end, don’t be afraid to ask positive questions that you want to know about the job. Questions such as; “What are the working hours?”, “How frequent to opportunities arise in order to move up the ladder?”, “Is there any training involved before the work commences?” and any questions like this. An interviewer has to make a decision about whether to hire you or not, an interview can also be your decision to whether you want to be hired by this company or not.

Hopefully the above tips will give you a little bit of guidance on your job hunt and will make you think twice before you rush into a job. Have patience, if you look hard enough and practice your interviews, the perfect job will come around sooner than you think.