The Best College Dorm Decorating Tips

A dorm room should be a mirror of who you are and what you are living at the time, it can be an ever-changing masterpiece but it must always reflect your loves, interest and your tendencies. The rules truly go out of the window when it comes to decorating your dorm room and you can do just about anything to make it in your own image.

If you are heading to college this year and have already started thinking about what your dorm room will look like, we have some handy and cheap tips for you to turn that room into a work of art.

Posters Not Paint

You do not need to worry at all when it comes to putting paint or wallpaper on your walls. The best option is to instead, use as many posters as you can get your hands on to add some color to the walls of your dorm. These posters can be of bands, bar promotions, you favorite sports star or just about anything that you see fit. You have all of the time in the world to add boring paper to your walls, now is the time to let your creative juices run free.

Go Community

If you plan on joining a sorority sisterhood, why not leave some space in your dorm for some sorority wall tapestries or some sorority pillows. These additions to your dorm are not just for decoration purposes, they also let everyone know who you are and who you are loyal to at college level.

Funky Tables

When it comes to getting a bedside table for your dorm, stay away from the boring stuff and get creative. You could stack books up to create a cool looking table, you could flip a waste paper base over for a place to put your phone at night or you could even buy yourself a mini fridge which can act as a table, and a place to conveniently store your beer.

Tape Frames

Don’t bother investing in any frames to put your photos in, instead use different colored masking tape or electricians tape for a great look. Not only can you design the tape in any way that you see fit, but it is also super easy to change whenever you feel like. Don’t bother wasting your money on wooden or metal frame, get a roll of tape and go crazy.

Plants For Illusion

It is more than likely that you dorm room will very quickly descend into organized chaos with a slightly stranger smell than it had when you first moved in. In order to add some kind of counter to this you should add some pot plants on the windowsill or on your desk. You could even buy fake plants if you wish as the idea here is about giving the illusion of freshness, something that is likely to be nonexistent in the rest of your room.

How are you thinking about decorating your dorm room?Let us know in the comments section below.