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Top Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2016


This year has seen some exciting trends hit the market in the outdoor furniture segment. Five of these in particular stand out that have really been driving the category this year. Let’s discuss each of these outdoor furniture trends in a little more detail. Sleek, Simple & Clean The sleek and sophisticated contemporary look with clean elegant lines has seen the largest growth for outdoor furniture in twenty-sixteen. The urban metallic finishes seamlessly integrate with existing home designs and therefore provide a great opportunity to create an outdoor space as an extension to the home as opposed to a segregated…

How To Stage a Home For Sale for Cheap

Stage a home for sale for cheap

Putting your house up on the market for sale? I’m sure you have read up on how to get the most value for your property. Staging a property is a very important part of getting the highest offers for your house but sometimes staging a home can be expensive. To maximize your profits it is important to keep your staging costs down but still do a quality job. Here are some tips on how to stage a home for sale  for cheap. Make it Neutral (but still on trend) You never know who the potential buyers of your home will be;…