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New Home, New Neighbourhood, New Life

New Home

One of the best aspects of moving house is the fact that people will be stepping into new surrounds. This gives them a chance to experience a new neighbourhood and add a different aspect to their lives. Read this helpful guide in order to learn how a move can open up new possibilities for people and their families.

Health Risks of DIY


Jobs around the home and upcycling have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners in recent years with many taking DIY up as a hobby rather than just through necessity. A recent survey around DIY in the home saw a huge 23% of those asked were planning on a DIY project for 2017, almost a quarter. Upcycling in particular has become pretty fashionable too and lots of people are looking to put their own stamp on their home through breathing fresh life into old pieces of furniture. What many people may not be aware of is the dangers that come with doing DIY…

Crushed Rock – A Versatile Landscaping Material


The decision to landscape your home is big one. It’s a daunting and, at times, costly process to go through. However, the results can drastically bump up the value of your abode and can create an aesthetically pleasing yard for years to come. Crushed rock is a material that is both versatile and highly affordable, and a good starting point when considering your next landscaping project. Large Variety of Colors & Sizes Crushed rock is available in a variety of sizes and even colors, therefore giving a lot more options when considering the layout of your landscaping project. The variety…