Crushed Rock – A Versatile Landscaping Material

Crushed Rock is a versatile landscaping material that can be used to boost the value of your home
Photo by CC user Republica on Pixabay.

The decision to landscape your home is big one. It’s a daunting and, at times, costly process to go through. However, the results can drastically bump up the value of your abode and can create an aesthetically pleasing yard for years to come. Crushed rock is a material that is both versatile and highly affordable, and a good starting point when considering your next landscaping project.

Large Variety of Colors & Sizes

Crushed rock is available in a variety of sizes and even colors, therefore giving a lot more options when considering the layout of your landscaping project. The variety of contrasting colors that crushed rock can offer can create truly visually appealing landscapes. Some examples that I have seen include a red brick house with tan crushed rock or, for a white house, a lovely red lava color looks stunning in contrast. When laying your crushed rock, be sure use a landscape fabric underneath so the crushed rock doesn’t disappear into the ground over time. It also prevents it from being covered in mud from watering and rain.

Did I Mention it is Affordable?

Paving or concreting your pathway or driveway is one of the most expensive tasks in a landscaping project. Crushed rock is a viable option for project on a budget as it is requiring less labor than concreting or paving. Furthermore, if you source crushed rock materials from your local quarry, it saves you even more as opposed to imported crushed rock products. By using locally sourced supplies you are also keeping to the natural landscape of your location.

Crushed Rock is Your Most Versatile Landscaping Option

Crushed rock is appealing to most due to its affordability and the variants it is available in, meaning it is less limiting when it comes to being creative. Whether you choose to use crushed rock for a driveway, a pathway, or to circle around a fire or water feature, you will always be presented with many options.