Michael Briese – 5 Reasons I Chose To Live In Mexico City

Mexico City

After college, me and by good friend Michael Briese decided that we wanted to see little bit more of the World so we took a 3 month break to travel throughout the Americas. We started and ended in Mexico and in between we were lucky enough travel to places like Rio, Buenos Aires, Quito and Lima.  After the trip, my buddy Mike headed back to start his new job working in finance, I had other plans however and decide to stay for an additional month in Mexico City, that was 5 years ago, and I’m still here.

This is in my opinion, one of the World’s coolest cities and if you have never been here then I want to tell you why I have decided to call it my home and why you should visit as soon as possible.

Cost of Living

I should start with one of the most important points about Mexico on the whole and Mexico City in particular, the cost of living is amazing. I earn online which means that I earn in dollars, particularly beneficial when it comes to buying pesos. The second point is that the general cost of living is around 25% cheaper than in the US and that includes everything from flights to bread, busses to beers.


One thing I love so much about the city is that it offers the perfect mixture of culture and modern, the people here are proud and excited about their heritage yet their minds are open enough to look to the future and to continuously improve and reshape their city to move forward with their culture in mind.


It is difficult to describe quite how cool a city this place is and in my opinion it is rapidly becoming like another Berlin. Here you will find lots of art-types, writers, musicians and artists from all over the World who are having a profound impact on the way the city operates and looks.


The food in Mexico is my favorite food on the planet and there are so many amazing dishes which you can buy. The best food in my opinion is sold by the street vendors and there is a really culture around eating on the street that I have not seen anywhere else. The food is freshly prepared, very individual and very Mexican. In the US, Mexican food has been tainted slightly and what you will find is actually Tex-Mex, here in the heart of the country however, it is all true Mexican cuisine.


It may sound a little off-the-wall but Sunday’s in this city are simply perfect and this day alone contributes to how much I love the city. Few people work on a Sunday and there is a real laid back feel about the whole city as families go out to eat, the cafe scene comes alive and the parks throughout the city are calming places where dog walkers pass by and people relax on the seats, pure tranquility.