Seven of the Best Places for a Family Holiday in 2017

Maui is one of the Best Places for a Family Holiday in 2017

Choosing your next family vacation destination can be a tricky task indeed. From snowy wonderlands to tropical getaways, these seven destinations will inspire even the pickiest of kids.

Maui, Hawaii

One of the most beautiful places for a family vacation is the stunning Hawaiian Island of Maui. It’s famous for its pristine beaches, nature and dramatic scenery with plenty of activities to keep all ages entertained. A stay in Hawaii will come with a hefty price tag, so you may want to consider Asian alternatives if you are travelling on a smaller budget.

South African Safari

A really fun way for kids to see wild animals up close is on an exciting Safari. South Africa has a selection of safari parks, which are filled with elephants, lions and zebras. You can also incorporate a trip to Cape Town to immerse yourself in South African culture.


With its turquoise shimmering waters and miles of palm-fringed beaches, Palawan in the Philippines is an excellent choice for family vacations. Here you can spend your days sunning yourself by the pool or going on fun excursions, such as snorkeling and diving. You may even love it so much that you want to look for a piece of Philippine real estate there! Head over with your mouse to Zipmatch, a local property finder on the Internet, to find the best properties in the Philippines, with criteria such as size, price, affordability, amenities and so on.


Florida is a lovely place to take the family, particularly because it is home to Walt Disney World. This mega-famous theme park is filled with attractions that will help make your family vacation a beautiful memorable experience. You can even choose to stay in one of the Disney themed hotels near to the park for a magical stay.


If you’re looking for something in Europe, then a holiday in Greece could tick all of the right boxes. A stop in Athens will allow you to educate your children about ancient history, while Santorini provides a stunning place to chill out. There is also a huge selection of beach-lined Greek islands which you can explore through an island hopping boat trip. Oh, and the food here is also excellent!


Another European hotspot is Rome in Italy. Here you can take your family on a tour of the Colosseum and view the impressive city that houses the Vatican. You can also take the kids to try some famous Italian gelato, and of course, enjoy some traditional pizza and pasta! Rome is easy to get around, plus there is also a huge selection of accommodation options that cater to all tastes and budget.


Last but not the least on our list is Iceland, where you can bask in the beauty of the Northern Lights. Scientifically known as the Aurora Borealis, it is a natural phenomenon which is only available at certain times of the year, so make sure you double check before you book your holiday. There is also a ton of family-friendly destinations in this country to check out, including the mesmerizing blue lagoon and the iconic capital city of Reykjavik.