The Importance of Green Constructions in the Modern World

Many people associate sustainability and eco-friendly with hippies stuck in the 1960s with Contractor tools. In reality, however, it is something that is now integrated in everything that is done across the world, and for good reason! Without sustainable materials, there literally will not be a planet for the next generations to work on. Everybody has to get involved in this and, thankfully, everybody is. Individuals are recycling, energy production is becoming more natural, and building companies like Terra Group are involved in making all of their processes as sustainable as possible.

What Is Sustainability in Construction?

When new projects are constructed, a lot of work and attention goes into sustainability. For Pedro Martin Terra Group was the perfect opportunity to implement this. They use green materials, focus on sustainable energy usages, natural and native landscaping, and more. The Terra Group understands that when new buildings are created in a sustainable and efficient manner, this has long lasting benefits for the future of the planet as a whole.

In fact, the company has developed a green living and building theme and they expect all staff members to commit to this, as well as weaving it through any project they complete. The following points are included as part of this theme:

  1. To use as little fossil fuels as possible for the heating and cooling of homes. This is achieved through geothermal and solar systems, as well as by properly insulating every cavity.
  2. To replace grass with clover and to use native plants in landscaping, thereby reducing the water needed for irrigation and yard care and lowering water consumption as a whole. At the same time, natural water collection solutions such as rain barrels are also included as standard.
  3. To encourage all staff members to use hybrid or electric vehicles or to cycle/walk to work, and to carpool with others wherever possible.
  4. To prevent any air, soil, and water contamination during construction.
  5. To create as little waste materials as possible through recycling and proper planning.
  6. To ensure buildings are created using healthy eco-materials, thereby reducing toxins.
  7. To adopt healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly living habits such as recycling as much as possible.

There is a strong focus across the planet on actions such as those adopted by the Terra Group under the guidance of Pedro Martin. Thankfully, an increased number of individuals and businesses alike are signing up to similar efforts. Nothing can be done about natural disasters such as solar flares, meteor strikes, floods, earth quakes, or hurricanes. However, a lot can be done about manmade disasters such as oil spills and the hole in the ozone layer. If everybody comes together to do their best for the world, it will have a huge impact.

Terra Group hopes to inspire others to follow in their footstep. Whether that is a restaurant using energy efficient light bulbs, a city dweller installing a rooftop compost bin, or a company constructing sustainable buildings only, it all makes a big difference.