How to Make Money with your Motorhome

It’s been shown that most motorhome owners use their vehicles less than 12 weeks per year, rendering it abandoned in the driveway for the rest of the year. There it merely gathers dust, and costs more than you’d like! But what if this didn’t have to be the case? What if there was another use for your campervan when you can’t take it out? Find out about sharing your motorhome, and renting it out as a private owner. For this article we’ll be primarily considering renting out on sharing platforms, as opposed to larger rental companies.

Why should you rent out your motorhome?

There’s a guilt that can come from not using your motorhome as often as you would like, and bringing another use to it can reduce that. Another major benefit of renting out your motorhome is earning a profit! This can cover the costs of yearly insurance and maintenance, and if you rent out enough, even pay for your own holidays! You can choose your own price, and look at similar vehicles for an indication of how much to charge. There is a large market for privately owned vehicles, and so you’ll have plenty of requests, and it’s entirely up to you whether to accept them.

Renting out on, and hiring from, a sharing platform also supports the sharing economy, which focuses on borrowing and renting from owners rather than companies. This reduces the amount of products made and helps us to utilise what each other has. 

Many owners also find it enjoyable to rent out, as they get to meet a variety of people from different places and cultures. Plus they can give great tips for further improving your motorhome! Give another family the opportunity to experience motorhome travel, especially on a weekend that your van would’ve sat at home anyways!

How can I rent out my motorhome?

Renting out your motorhome is now easier than ever! There are plenty of platforms to rent out your motorhome, who take care of marketing and secure payments, to ensure everything is hassle-free for you. This also helps your customer feel safer, as they may be unsure about renting directly from someone. You should feel safer too! As this ensures there are regulations and a personalized contract for your every booking. 

Goboony doesn’t charge owners for renting out, and instead have a 15% service fee for the traveller. This ensures that it is always win-win for you, no chance of losing money through this venture. They’re happy to discuss the process of listing, insurance and renting out with you in detail. So call them for a no strings attached conversation. Curious but not ready to call? Download their free ebook, available on the link provided!

Whatever the make or size of your motorhome, there is a market waiting to book your vehicle. Try something new this year and give renting out your motorhome a chance. Enjoy the profit as it rolls in, and use it to pay off costs as well as treat yourself!