How Hosted PBX Can Help Improve Business Productivity

In the quest for business success, companies typically go down many roads. Some may lead to no success, while others take them partially there. But to get to where the company enjoys its highest levels of success, the company must find ways to improve its business productivity.

Business productivity is increased by improving many factors within the business. Achieving an increase can be accomplished in many ways with some being more efficient than others. In terms of the most efficient approach today, it is one that involves a combination of improving the efficiency of the company’s employees and the effectiveness of the tools the company’s employees use.

To get the most productivity out of the company’s tools, the tools that are of primary importance need to be targeted. Perhaps the most primary tool for any company, is its communication system. This allows customers, vendors and investors to interact with the company and critical inter-company communication. Therefore the communication system must be extremely efficient because it will directly impact a company’s productivity. This is why a company should use hosted PBX as their corporate phone system.

Here is how hosted PBX phone system can improve your company’s productivity:

Employees Can Multi-task Easily

Many a small business would love to divide their companies into departments, and have employees play flexible multiple roles depending upon what is needed at the time, even if they do not have the staff to man each department. This allows a company to give the impression of a much bigger company to customers. It also allows employees to know what the subject of a call will be before they answer that call. With this knowledge, a call can be directed to a specific party within the company, keeping enquiries separated and directed toward the proper staff.

Hosted PBX creates this option for small companies and allows them to let employees play several different roles at the company simultaneously. If you have multiple departments and limited staff, this is a great tool for your company. You can see in advance which department or product the caller is trying to reach, so you answer with an appropriate greeting from that department or about the product or service the customer is calling about.

On the Fly Employee Training

Constantly training staff in today’s fast moving business climate is critical for a company to increase its productivity. Hosted PBX allows a company to monitor calls for training purposes. Features include being able to listen in on a call and to speak to the employee during the call and even offer advice or next steps while the call is in progress. The customer will hear the employee, but not the person monitoring the call. This on-the-fly type training ensures that the employee is fully prepared at all times.

Employees Get More Done While in the Field

Do you have employees who are in the field often or work away from the office all the time? Hosted PBX call forwarding features allow any call to be forwarded or transferred to any cell phone and to add those field employees into conference calls and even video conferences. Additionally, any called answered via a cell-phone in the system can be forwarded to a cell phone, regular telephone or another employee within the network. So no one is ever out of touch no matter where they are.

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