4 ways to go the extra mile for your customers

Want to be the business that has customers lining up out the door? Truth be told, there isn’t much that separates the business that has a decent following and one that has a dedicated following.

By all outward appearances, these two businesses would look almost exactly the same, but when you would analyze the wildly successful business’ approach to customer service, the reasons behind their popularity would become crystal clear.


Robert Bassam applied the principles of Occam’s razor to customer service when he was starting up his auto dealership empire years ago.

If you apply them to your enterprise, we think that you will see a similar upward trend in your results as well.

Here’s how you can make it happen…

1) Personalize their experience

At the most basic level, this involves learning their name and calling them by it whenever they drop by your business.

However, this can be taken further by cataloging their preferences and providing them with what they already like without them having to ask for it.

A classic example of this is when a pizza place remembers a specific order that is placed multiple times.

When a customer calls in, the customer service agent on the other end asks if they would like their usual order.

While this only saves a few seconds, the thought behind it will create an impression in the mind of the customer that this business gets them, ensuring that they remain with them for the foreseeable future.

2) Thank them for their patronage

Another simple way to show the customer that you care is to simply thank them for their ongoing business.

Some do this by mailing thank you notes to their customers after a significant interaction, and again at major holidays such as Christmas.

By receiving these notices, it creates a feeling of appreciation (however small) in the minds of many customers.

At minimum, it perpetuates your brand in the minds of everyone that receives the message, making it a shrewd business strategy to adopt.

3) Stick with customer problems until they are solved

As hard as you might try to be right all the time, you will inevitably screw something up and make a customer angry.

While you shouldn’t take this personally, you should make it your top priority to make things right. All too often, front line staff go through the first few steps of attempting to solve an issue, only to give up when no measurable progress is made.

By doggedly pursuing a solution to a customer problem, you’ll be showing them that you truly care about their situation.

Even if you have to ultimately grant a refund or a voucher for future service, along with a profound apology, taking a hawkish approach to customer service will pay dividends in the long run.

4) Ask them for feedback

If you want to improve how you deliver your services or products, you will ultimately have to solicit the feedback of your customers.

If they are buying what you are selling, it is because they think you have the solution to their problems. As a result, they can be considered experts with regards to the pain that they are experiencing.

By taking the time to understand what they are going through, not only will you be able to craft a better product or service, but they will also feel appreciated and valued, making it more likely that they will patronize your business in the future.