4 Huge Threats to Modern Businesses

The business world is a hostile one. Indeed, creating a successful company that enjoys sustained growth over a long period of time is one of the most difficult tasks any entrepreneur could hope to complete. The good news is, it is possible to found and build a thriving company in 2020. But first, it’s important to recognize a few potential roadblocks in your way. To that end, here are the four biggest threats to modern businesses. Check them out now so you know how to deal with them later!

Poor Retention

Consumers, professionals, and companies are constantly changing. Given that fact, it’s not really a surprise that many companies struggle to retain both their best employees and their best customers. Poor retention rates in either field represent a serious problem for your company. Constantly having to replace your most talented team members will inevitably lead to a decline in service quality; constantly trying to find new customers will inhibit growth and drain valuable resources.

Fierce Competition

Finding your place within a market isn’t always easy. After all, no matter how specialized your organization is, odds are there’s a similar company that can rival your efforts. With that in mind, it’s crucial for new companies to establish a strong brand identity and a positive reputation with consumers. Failing to do so can leave your company wallowing in obscurity and, soon after, deep in the red.

Compliance Issues

How employees behave online can have a big impact on the viability of a given business. In truth, a number of industries face strict compliance regulations intended to protect consumers and their privacy. So when an employee breaks one of these compliance rules –– knowingly or otherwise –– a company could face severe legal backlash. This is why it’s crucial for all corporations to invest in quality social media compliance measures to educate their staff and protect their interests.


What goes up must inevitably come down, and the stock market is no exception. While the economy is currently experiencing a boom, it’s reasonable to expect a downturn in market performance to occur in the relatively near future. Recessions can hamper businesses in a number of ways –– from their ability to make sales, to their capacity to hire new employees. Responsible business owners need to have a plan in place should their industry, or the economy as a whole, suffer as a result of a depression or recession. Not planning for such an eventuality is akin to inviting disaster.