4 Things Your Business May Not Be Able to Live Without

Our daily lives are filled with things we could live without — until we couldn’t.

The global economy would hum along just fine, albeit far less efficiently, had game-changing inventions like electrical power and the Internet never come to pass. Ditto for countless smaller inventions, including techniques and processes made possible by those game-changers.

That’s not to say that your business is just fine the way it is, and that nothing could possibly improve the way you get work done. Reality doesn’t work that way. You’ll take whatever efficiency enhancements and process improvements you can get your hands on.

These four recent innovations, in particular, are increasingly difficult for modern business owners to live without. Let’s take a look at why you need them — even if you don’t know it yet.

1. Workplace Chat Software

Once hailed as a panacea for intra-workplace communication, email is increasingly seen as a drag on productivity. To be sure, it still has its place, just not as the hub around which all else revolves.

A workplace chat app need not be that center either, but it should definitely be one of the principal bodies in your company’s communication system. Evaluate the best workplace chat apps for yourself and choose the option that best fits your team’s style and needs.

2. Subscription Car Service

Your team deserves to travel in style. For key employees and salespeople who need to move around a lot — and impress clients in the process — consider setting up accounts with subscription car services like D.C. entrepreneur Alex Perdikis’ Inride. Nothing spells “success” — and reduces fleet management costs — like showing up to meetings in a different premium vehicle every time.

3. Project Management Suite

Workplace chat can’t by itself keep your company’s trains running on time. If you have multiple teams running complex projects in parallel, you’ll need a more robust suite to keep everything straight. That’s where cloud-based project management software comes in. There are literally dozens of potential options here, and higher-end plans can get expensive fast, so be sure to conduct a thorough assessment of your project management needs before diving in.

4. Scalable Recruiting Service

In a tight labor market, the ability to rapidly post job openings at scale is not to be discounted. The problem is, literally dozens of job sites — most highly generalized — compete for your dollars and attention. A meta-posting tool that lets you replicate the same posting across as many job sites as you’d like is a key asset in this environment.

What’s Your Business Missing Right Now?

Of the items on this list, what’s your business missing most?

Is it a subscription car service that lets you swap out as many premium car models as you like, as your client service needs and personal whims dictate?

Is it a scalable recruiting service that puts your job postings in front of the most qualified candidates, fast, and ensures your talent pipeline remains filled to the hilt?

Is it a project management suite that simplifies complex tasks and ensure your entire team works as a unit?

Whatever it is, it’s high time you learned precisely what you’ve been missing all these years.