Top Reasons Why Your Next Family Vacation Should be to The United States


Any parent knows that traveling with kids can be tough. But with the right planning, and with the right destination, it’s possible to plan a trip that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Ease of Entrance

From parent to parent, let me tell you that sitting in an embassy waiting room with your little ones in tow is a very special kind of torture. Avoiding this is a great reason why the States makes such a great family-friendly destination!

If you qualify for the ESTA Visa Waiver program you won’t even need to leave your house to process it. You can get everything processed for your US Visa Waiver while your kids nap and you’re sitting on your couch in your sweats eating their left-over Halloween candy.

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There’s something for everyone

One of the struggles inherent to planning a family vacation is that everyone seems to want something else out of their holiday. The United States is so much bigger and so much more diverse than most people realize.

Disney World, located in sunny Florida, is one of the top family destinations worldwide. It’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, kids and parents alike.

Want to get your kids away from the screens and into nature? Check out one of the many dude ranches that can be found throughout the country. You and your kids are sure to enjoy horse riding, archery, hiking, and making s’mores by an open fire.

For those who’d like to make sure to get some culture in on their trip, Washington D.C. is the perfect location. Museums in the capital are abundant, and free of cost. The Air and Space museum in particular is a guaranteed hit. Then, when it’s time to get rid of some pent up energy, head down to the Potomac River where you can rent kayaks and often even spot turtles and deer.

Getting around

If you plan to visit several destinations while on your trip, you’ll want to consider transport too.

Young kids in the picture means always having to consider car seats when you’re planning your ride. In some of the larger cities it’s possible to hire an UberFamily car, which will arrive to you with a car seat already installed. And for those who prefer to drive themselves, most car rental agencies will rent out car seats at an additional cost.

Another great option is to take a train!  Trains run through the majority of the country and are fast and convenient, and no special car seats are necessary! – jump on an Amtrak train and make it from the bustling New York City to the Capital of Washington D.C. in just hours.

So pack up the kids and enjoy your trip!

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