Top 4 Fastest Sports in the World

Does baseball bore you? Saving golf for retirement? If you prefer your sports to be high-action and adrenaline-pumping, here are 4 of the fastest sports in the world. Take a look at this exciting and surprising list below, which includes the top 4 fastest sports in the world.

fastest sports in the worldBadminton 
This one is surprising for many readers. If you grew up in America, Badminton was a game played in elementary school gyms or with grandma and grandpa at family reunions. Players use rackets similar to tennis-rackets to propel the birdie (also known as the chuckle inducing “shuttlecock”) over a net. The speed at which this birdie is propelled is what makes it one of the fastest sports in the world. The birdie has been clocked at over 300 miles per hour! That’s right, one of the games you joked about in grade school is actually one of the fastest sports in the world and is by far the fastest object in sport. So maybe at the next family reunion you will take this Olympic sport more serious!

Table Tennis
Another sport not usually associated with adrenaline is Table Tennis or “Ping-Pong.” A favorite at club houses and beer-parties, table tennis is played with two small paddles, a net, and a light weight ball. The game is supposed to replicate tennis but in fact it is a faster game than tennis. If you ever saw the famous movie Forrest Gump, you may recall the speed in which this game can be played. Table Tennis is a true test of coordination and and eye hand coordination, requiring a keen mind, fast hands, and sharp eyes.

Jai Alai
A sport from the Basque region of Spain, Jai Alai is often touted as one of the fastest sports in the world. It is played similarly to handball or squash  but with more protective gear, due to the speed in which the ball is hurled at the wall via curved mechanism.  Jai Alai is a non-contact sport but the ball is very heavy and travels extremely fast, making it much more dangerous than Table Tennis or Badminton.

Red Bull Air Race
If you were hoping for motor sports on this list, here you are. We must include the Red Bull air race among the top four fastest sports in the world. While you may have expected to see examples of cars or motorcycles, these sports are trumped by the speed and danger of these planes. At speeds of close to 300 miles per hours, expert pilots cruise through an obstacle course of rings and landmarks. This sport looks like something you would see in an a Hollywood film or a video game but is actually one of the fastest and most dangerous sports in the world.

Whether you have the need for airspeed or are a pro with the paddle, these are some of the fastest sports in the world and guaranteed to get your blood pumping, and these can all be improved with a Muga Pitch.