Strategies to Win Big on Sports Betting

Sports betting is absolutely huge right now, there are hundreds of companies offering odds on almost every sport in existence and the amount of fields that you are able to bet on is incredible. In the past you used to be able to bet simply on outcomes of matches or perhaps the number of points/goals to be scored, these days you can pretty much bet on how green the grass will been on the field. The transformation in sports betting means that it has never been more simple to make good money from gambling, in fact many people do this for a living and earn a very good wage. So how do you consistently win with sports betting, well there are no guarantees but here are some top strategies to help you improve your chances of winning big.


In-Play Betting

Almost all online gambling companies offer in-play betting and it provides a great opportunity for you to make some good money. The beauty of in-play betting is that you are able to watch a particular event and gauge how it is going before placing your bets whereas if you bet before the event you have to base your predictions on historical results and form, in-play betting gives you an opportunity to bet based on live form.


Betting tipsters are no longer those shady men who sit at the end of the bar with a newspaper telling all and sundry their ‘dead cert’ for the day. These days they operate on social media and on websites and many of them offer tips for free, if you want to know the best place in Australia to get sports betting tips for example, then it is easy to find at the click of a button and could prove to be very lucrative. Before using the tips, be sure to watch any tipster for a week or two and see their success rate, if they do well then it is time to start putting your money where their mouth is.

Big Cash, Low Odds

It can be very tempting to place crazy $1 bets that will return $2,000 but the likelihood of it happening is ridiculously low, this is why the return is so high. A far better strategy is to bet more cash on lower odds, this way you have far, far more chances of winning and you can slowly build your cash pot. Betting on odds of 1.5 (1/2) for example is a great way of boosting your bank roll, a $50 bet will return you a cool $25, it won’t change your life but do this 5 or 6 times a week and you will soon see the money grow. Anything with odds of 1.5 is pretty likely to happen and if you win the first 2 bets, then the third bet will be risk free as you will be simply gambling with your profit. As we said before, nothing is guaranteed but you can certainly improve your chances of winning good money from sports betting with a strategy like this.