Stress Management with Chiropractic Care

Stress Management with Chiropractic Care can be very effective
Photo by CC user 57009135@N00 on Flickr

Stress is one of the most commonly treated conditions for Chiropractors.

We’re not just talking about stress in terms of emotional- i.e. stresses at home or stresses at work. We are talking about physical stress (prolonged sitting, not exercising enough, bumps and falls) and chemical stress (diet, medication, alcohol etc.) as well. Unfortunately, modern day living has subjected us to these three different stresses. 

Whilst all of them are different in nature, they all have the same effect on your body – it will switch on your stress response. Research shows it is designed for short periods of times which allows you to get your body out of danger and it is vital for our survival. In fact, over the years, it is this stress response which has allowed our bodies to adapt and evolve into who we are today- but what happens when it becomes chronic? 

Chronic stress has been linked to most if not all chronic diseases which are rampant in our society- back pain, strokes, cancers and high blood pressure all have strong physiological connections to the stress response. 

With our understanding of how stress can affect your nervous system, chiropractors are able to detect and remove stresses through chiropractic adjustments. Physiologically speaking, each time you are adjusted, inflammation and cortisol levels decrease which essentially resets your stress response and allows your body to therefore heal.  Chiropractors treat many busy people regularly and they notice significant improvements to their stress levels, ability to manage stress and have a better view on life once they are under regular chiropractic care. 

Chiropractors have a unique and holistic approach to stress management. We focus on getting your body functioning at its optimum by having it regularly adjusted but we aim to be as holistic as possible. What this means is that we aim to ensure you eat well, move well and think well so that your body can be the best it can be!  After all, having a healthy nervous system means you will have a healthy life and in turn, you can expect to have more energy, improved immunity, better sleep and more. By combining stress management with chiropractic care, your life will likely take a turn for the better.