Steps To Take If You Have An Accident At Work

Accidents at work are an unfortunate fact of life and there are many people each year who suffer injuries or worse, because of these kind of accidents. In fact I myself was in this predicament a few years ago after slipping over because of someone’s negligence. I must confess that this can be a very difficult time and the effects of an accident at work are far more than just the injury sustained. I was fortunate enough to have a great legal team on my side who helped my through it, Hansen injury law firm, highly professional and very sympathetic to my situation.

Understanding what to do in a situation such as this could help you out in the future and whilst nobody wants to think about the possibility of having an accident, it is worth preparing for. And so if the unfortunate should happen to you, here are the steps you need to take.

Injury Assessment

The first step is, of course, to assess what kind of injury you have sustained, naturally if it is critical then you will go straight to the hospital, if not however it is still vital that you check yourself out. This is particularly important as many injuries which are sustained as the result of work place accidents, often don’t show up straight away. Injuries such as whiplash and stiff necks may take days to show up so it is important that you get checked out by a medical professional, and that you have a written note from the doctor describing injuries sustained.

Accident Form

Employment law states that all companies must have an accident log within the business and you need to make sure that you fill out the details of your accident in this log, at your earliest possible convenience. The accident form will basically ask you to describe what took place and filling t out shortly after the accident will ensure that those details are fresh in your mind. If anyone saw the event, ask them to fill out a short witness statement which you can then attach to the accident form.

Contact Legal Professionals

In the large majority of cases, accidents at work are caused because of someone not doing their job properly, or the business creating hazards through negligence or cost-cutting. in light of this it makes a lot of sense for you to contact legal professionals in order to make a claim. The claim culture has a lot of bad press because of so many people trying to use it to get something that they’re not entitled to, with an accident at work, this is not the case. Naturally you should be entitled to compensation depending on what injuries you have, but the key to a claim is that winning it, will force a series of events that will prevent anyone from having a similar accident in the future.

Accidents at work do happen, but if they are the fault of someone else, you must take action.