Reasons to Look For Big Wins on Long Term Bets 

Whilst we may not be professional gamblers we do enjoy betting on a wide range of sports and when we do we always look at taking both short term and long term options. Short term betting is what the majority of people do of course, betting on the next game or even betting in-play, but there is a lot of value to be had from long term gambling.

When we talk about placing bets on long term markets we are referring to bets such as who will win the Premier League, or the Super League trophy, or perhaps even betting on golfer’s end of year rankings. If you are looking for the best sports bets then long term may be for you, and here is why.

Great Odds

The earlier you get in with these bets, the better your odds are going to be, even on markets where you think that there is a clear favorite. There are a number of reasons for this, first of all the betting company has no idea what will happen and they can’t offer long odds on teams or individuals who just may come up trumps. Even if you fancied Liverpool at the beginning of the season, you could have placed a bet on odds of around 7/5, massive odds and given that they are currently 6 points clear, that bet is already looking good.

Range Betting

Despite the example above we actually prefer to bet on teams or individuals coming within a certain range, rather than equivocally saying that they are going to win something. For example we place a bet that Leeds Rhinos will finish between 5th and 9th, or that Burnley will finish in the top 10. These bets can also be multiplied which can really boost your odds, for example you can bet that Paul Casey, Tommy Fleetwood and Justin Rose will all finish in the top ten at the end of the year, and place the bet as a treble.

Looking Forward

Anyone who bets will understand that feeling of possibly winning, you’ve placed the bet, looked at how much it could return and there is a certain euphoria that you feel as you wait for the bet to win or lose. When you bet on long term markets you get this buzz for a lot longer and along the way there are so many twists and turns that can happen, which really adds to the fun of placing bets.

Cash Out

The cash outs available for long term bets move a great deal and if you wish you can take a small profit and run if things look like they may change. Take Liverpool for example, let’s say you’d placed £100 on that 7/5, in the hope of winning £240, if they beat Man City next week they go 9 points clear, but there is still a lot of football to be played. In this case you may believe that City could come back, and your cash out could be somewhere around the £150 mark, the profit may only be £50 instead of the potential £140, but it is still £50 in a matter of months, not a bad effort.

Why not give long term strategies a try and see how you get on?