The growing popularity of betting on darts

Darts has enjoyed a growing reputation in recent times, both in terms of the profile of the sport, as well as the number of people betting on it. Darts is becoming one of the best-attended sports in the UK, with fans keen to see the action live, and of course, betting on outcomes of one of the many exhilarating nights of action.

Betting responsibly should always be a necessity, along with only betting what you can afford. However, if this is the case then there’s no reason why placing a bet would do anything but further enhance your enjoyment of Darts.

There are tournaments taking place nearly all-year round, the main event is of course the weekly darts Premier League which travels around a host of the UK’s major cities and venues and is loved by the masses. The Premier League is extremely competitive, and so many fans enjoy betting on the weekly showcase.

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What type of bet to back in Darts?

Like most sports, accumulators are hugely popular in the darts betting world, especially when it comes to the Premier League of darts. With players going head to head from around 7pm every Thursday, and games being consecutive, this gives punters the chance to have a bet that runs throughout the entire evening’s action.

You can combine various outcomes in your accumulator, such as: the outright player to win, which player will have the highest checkout, player to have the most 180s, and also handicap marketing betting, just to name a few of the selections available.

Check the statistics

As mentioned, there are multiple tournaments running at various points during the year, along with the Premier League of darts, which runs from February up until May. There are numerous sites which offer you up-to-date statistics on each player, so you can check out various stats needed before you place your bet. Oddschanger is an excellent website to go to find all of the latest betting tips, and are well worth checking out for any sport that you are looking for tips on.