One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Your Kids

As parents and caregivers, we want what’s best for our kids. A good education, a feeling of security, perfect health, and overall a happy childhood. And while some of these things are outside of our control, there are some guaranteed actions you can take to ensure that your kids have a leg up in their life. So, as you’re sitting down thinking of what to sign the kids up for the summer, or in September when school is back up, think past convenience and the amount of water park outings. Instead of giving your kid some toys, why not go with one of the best gifts you can give that never expires: Music

Intellectual Abilities

There are many studies out there that link IQ levels with a musical education. You learn things like rhythm, scales, and theory that dictate how music should be played in order to sound good. Music is at once tangible and abstract, physical and mental, giving your kids a full workout for their bodies and minds. While tutoring would be a prudent investment if your child is behind at school, if you want to improve their overall intellectual capacity, we suggest you contact a music school in Montreal.

It Gives Them Community

Even if they are taking private lessons, there are endless opportunities for your little music pupil to make musical friendships. From summer music camps, to local bands or orchestras, you can be part of a “team”, a part of a whole. There’s something very special about having a feeling of community and friendship. Even just being the guy or gal who can strum the guitar when on a camping trip can give them identity and value within their group of friends and bring them all together in song.

Sense of Ability and Self-Worth

Children from a very young age become aware of music and can learn to participate in it. This gives them a sense of identity and contribution. The feeling of being “able” to emit a certain sound or master a new skill gives them a sense of accompishment. Natural talent aside, consistency and regularity in practising bring real results, so discipline is something that is learned on the wayside, forming conscientious people who understand natural consequences to their actions.

While we want to give our children, an experience that is balanced with all sorts of hobbies and activities, music lessons should be the cornerstone, even if just for a few years to get the basics down. The benefits will continue being reaped for the rest of their lives and they will thank you.