5 Resources All College Students Need to Succeed

Transitioning from high school to college is a big step. Some adjust to college life relatively quickly, but other students may find it difficult to manage a new set of responsibilities in a foreign environment. And no matter how confident a prospective college student is, the truth is that everyone needs a few vital resources in order to thrive at the university level. Here, we’ll outline the five things that all college students have to have to make their freshman year a memorable and successful one:

A Day-Planner

Good organizational skills are crucial to success in college and the “real world” beyond it. In fact, the most difficult aspect of managing a college workload may be keeping organized. Students that keep tabs on their assignments and commitments have a much better chance of staying on the right track than those who don’t keep a to-do list of some sort.


Not every college student can afford a car, but that’s okay. There are many more ways to get around campus (and town) besides. Signing up for a bus/subway pass can be a great cost-effective method to commute to-and-from classes while saving money at the same time. In addition, bicycling is a healthy activity that can help new college students avoid putting on the dreaded “freshman fifteen.”

Academic Supplies

Some college students may only require a laptop and a library card to complete their coursework. Meanwhile, others may need to pay extra fees to access specialized equipment like blood collection needles or to rent high quality cameras. Just make sure to budget for these expenses before the semester starts!


College students spend a ton of time around their peers and fellow classmates. In fact, it’s often difficult for college students to schedule any time on their own. Yet, it’s important for everyone to have a spot or two where they can be alone to unwind and focus –– as needed. This space may be a private bedroom, or a quiet coffee shop, or a secluded bench in a park. Or you can condsider taking college classes virtually from the comfort of your own home with Straighterline online courses.


One thing is absolutely certain: every college student will eventually feel stressed, confused, and frustrated at some point during their time at a university. And while young people should look to develop independence while at college, that doesn’t mean they don’t require support along the way. Everyone needs a helping hand from friends or family every once in a while. The good news is support comes in many forms. Parents can help out their kids in college through simple acts of kindness like offering to do their laundry or covering dinner. Never underestimate how meaningful a small show of support can prove!