What Not to Forget When Applying to Boarding School

With so many options out there when it comes to choosing the right boarding school for your child, it can be tough to remember everything that is involved in the application process.

But don’t forget, the application process is the most crucial step in your child’s boarding school journey.

In an effort to help you and your child stay on track during the complicated application process to boarding school, we have outlined essential things all students hoping to get into the boarding school of their choice should not forget.

Don’t make the process any more challenging than it already is, or add to the stress that comes with boarding school acceptance. Instead, remember these things, and your child will be well on the way to receiving an acceptance letter.

1. Never Miss a Deadline

There is a lot that goes into applying for boarding school. In fact, if you think you can gather the entire application and turn it in last minute, you are mistaken.

Take care to organize all of the required paperwork long before the application deadline. This way you will know what is to be included and you, or your child, can take care of everything well in advance.

For example, if your child is looking to go to a boarding school with a performing arts program, get the proper recommendation forms to teachers at least a week before they are due. This gives them ample time to fill them out thoroughly, which will only help your child’s chances of acceptance.

2. Practice the Essay

Many students panic at the thought of having to write a statement essay to get into boarding school. That’s why a proactive approach makes this process a lot easier.

Give your child the essay portion of the application to practice long before the entire application packet is due. This way when the actual essay is due, your child will have a clear idea about what they want to write and will not feel so intimidated.

3. Study for the Test

Try not to book your child’s test last minute. This will only add to the stress of doing well. Instead, hire a tutor if necessary, buy practice test materials, and have your child practice until they feel confident they will do well come the big day.

Although admissions testing is only a portion of the application process, it is an important one. Your child needs to show the admissions panel how they will likely perform as a student attending their school.

4. Make Time for a Visit

With school in session, it can be challenging to schedule campus tours with the admissions staff. That’s why making time during the summer months can pay off.

Schedule a tour of the school to make sure the environment is inviting and that your child is going to feel comfortable away from home and at this brand new place. This is the only way they will truly excel.

Want an even better idea?

Shadowing is likely the best way to connect to the experience for a student. Since a lot of schools do not offer overnight stays for perspective students, and because that open House does not take place at night. The way we see it, you should visit during the Open House for the overview of the experience, apply and schedule a shadow day once accepted.

5. Define Your Child’s Goals

Boarding schools are designed to broaden your child’s horizons, prepare them for college, and encourage them to be the very best they can be.

But, being young and not knowing what the future looks like can be scary. Before sending your child off to boarding school, take the time to sit down with them and find out what they want out of this experience.

Help them formulate goals, find new activities they want to try, and see how they feel about this entire application and acceptance process.

After all, it is your child that will be attending boarding school – not you. You want to make sure this is what they truly want.