Some New SEO and Marketing Practices You Can no Longer Ignore

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for a very long time. It also isn’t going anywhere. However, it does regularly change, because the internet continues to grow, and new tools and techniques have to be developed to determine who is easiest to get found. One of those new changes is cross-channel marketing.

What Is Cross-Channel Marketing?

You may have heard of multi-channel marketing (MCM) and believe that it is the same as cross-channel marketing (CCM). It is not, however, MCM happens when you make a greater presence on a variety of platforms, such as social media advertisements, Google ads, and email. CCM, by contrast, extends this further. Have you seen any of the “customers also bought” sections on Shopify, for instance? That is CCM.

In order to be successful in CCM, you have to plan things perfectly and execute them with equal precision. There are three key areas that you should research and investigate before you get involved in CCM yourself. Those are:

  1. Developing what your marketing message has to be, and the call-to-action.
  2. Determining what the perfect timing will be.
  3. Determining which marketing channels you will use.

Of particular significance is that you track how well your marketing efforts have worked in CCM. This is because you cannot really control customer behavior, when this is exactly what you will come to rely on to be successful. This means that you need to use every analytic tool to your advantage, which includes, by the way, professional search engine optimization companies who properly understand CCM.

This technology is new and still developing. On the one hand, this means everything is a bit hit and miss, which is why some businesses avoid it. On the other hand, if you can persevere through these early stages, you will be miles ahead of the competition once it becomes common place. Most experts agree that it will be an essential part of any good digital marketing strategy soon.

User Internet Is the Focus

There have been some huge changes in the keyword trends. No longer do we focus solely on finding the right keywords and having strategies in place for those. This is because search engines now have a greater understanding of users. Search engines have not just been developing their strategies, they have gathered data and started to understand things. Indeed, keyphrases, for instance, are now a thing of the past. Rather, people search using complete and informative phrases nowadays. User Intent is now far more important for Google than what keywords are.

If you want to be effective in your search engine optimization in 2017, you have to focus on User Intent, and you should consider CCM as well. One is firmly established, the other will soon get there. And one thing that will never change is that, if you can’t keep up, you will lose out and disappear into the great unknown of the second or even third page of Google.