CEO Spotlight on Dr. Joe Johnson

Aside from politicians, CEOs are the most powerful people in the World, they are the heads of huge companies and corporations that make decision every day that have the ability to impact millions of lives, often they can be more important than politicians themselves such is the wealth that they create. Being a CEO of a board is an incredibly attractive prospect to many of us and in order to give you some inspiration for how to go about achieving that dream, we are going to take a look into the life and career of Joseph Jonson Welfont’s CEO to see where he cam from and how he has achieved the success that he has.


Early Life and Education

Joe Johnson was born to be a leader, even from a very early age he was always looking to start businesses and use his natural entrepreneurial spirit to try and make money. Before the age of 16 he had already started his own landscape gardening firm with several staff and even invested in heavy machinery for his firm. Joe’s first job came at this young age, he started working with a company that took care of real estate properties, it was here that the young Johnson would make his first foray into the world of real estate and all before he was old enough to drink.

Joe Johnson studied for his MBA and Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership where he majored in Entrepreneurship before going on to study in more detail high performance start-ups and the organizational leadership required to achieve this success. During his time at college Johnson showed his leadership skills in other ways, becoming captain of the swimming team and an athlete whilst at the same time managing his already successful business.


With over 25 years of experience as a venture capitalist, a real estate investor and an organizational strategist, Johnson plies his trade for The Welfont Group, a brokerage firm that specializes in commercial real estate and in particular IRS section 170s. Under his tenure at The Welfont Group Johnson has achieved great success and the company works across a huge range of commercial and residential properties and with a large amount of affiliate companies. Johnson’s rich experience in leadership, real estate and property ventures along with his visionary mindset and organizational discipline have been the perfect fit for Welfont as they continue to achieve great success.

Since Johnson’s success he has branched out into the World of philanthropy, setting up the Mercy Foundation amongst other charitable organizations. The Mercy Foundation uses a novel strategy of buying property from those who have surplus with the added benefit that they won’t pay tax on profits to a charitable organization, the charity then sells on the property and helps thousands of people with the profits. This novel approach to charity is just another indication of the intelligence and forward thinking approach that Johnson has applied to his life and to his career.