List of Equipment Needed to Play Soccer

Having a rudimentary understanding of the basic soccer gear and their uses will make your next shopping trip a little easier. At the soccer youth level, the equipment is relatively straightforward and easy to find. Certainly, you do not need everything, but you need to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in your soccer gears.

Here’s everything you need to play the sport:

1. Soccer cleats

Also, known as boot, soccer cleats are like baseball or softball cleats but are short and made out of rubber. Aside from the footwear making kicking the ball painless and protecting being stepped on, cleats are designed for the sport to give soccer players the traction and support necessary in the game.Most of the youngsters, between age 8 and 9 do not need soccer cleats and are usually limited to turf shoes.

2. Shin guards

Soccer or football is a contact sport and may result in injuries. Just like the name suggests, the foot, especially the shin, is the most susceptible part to harm and this is why you need to invest in the best shin pads to protect your shin from cuts, injuries, and bruises.

Shin pads should be lightweight, snug-fitting, and most importantly have the robustness to keep you safe.

3. Soccer socks

Often ignored but essential is the soccer socks. Soccer socks are designed to protect your feet from blisters that may occur due to friction between the cleats and feet. Additionally, the support your shin guard and keep them in place.

Typical soccer socks should be long enough to cover your entire foot and should be well above the knee level. They should also be thick, and robust.

4. Jersey

Shorts and shirts are an important soccer gear. The shorts and shirts should be extremely light, they should be comfortable, and should be strong. Additionally, they should be breathable to allow free air movement, which is essential in keeping sweat away from the body. Finally, the soccer jersey should not be too restrictive to the point of obstructing free movement.

5. Soccer ball

A ball one of the essentials of soccer. Soccer balls are available in a gamut of sizes, sporting different colors and constructed from different materials. Ensure that you’re aware of the size ball required for your child’s soccer match.

6. Gloves

Goalkeepers need hand gloves to protect their hands from injuries of catching and punching the balls. Additionally, gloves also provide a better grip for making saves and holding the ball; especially when the ball is wet.

7. Gear bag

Even though it’s not an essential for playing, a gear back, also known as a tote bag or backpack makes it easy for players to carry all the above gear to their practice or game. These specialty bags typically include a spot for a soccer ball, water bottle, and all other gear that soccer players need.

Each and every player needs proper soccer gear whether young or old, a novice to the game or a seasoned pro, otherwise, you will not be able to play competitively. Choosing the right gear that is best fit for you is essential to maximizing your playing potential.