Get Lustrous Wavy Lashes in Six Weeks


Losing sleep over losing eyelashes? Thinning eyelashes can give anyone sleepless nights. If you are losing lashes steadily, one or many causes could be responsible. In an article detailing the correlation between eyelash growth and vitamins, quotes Ann Ditkoff, the author of the book titled – Why don’t your eyelashes grow? – where Ann mentions eye infections, thyroid problems and even sun radiation as some of the primary reasons for eyelash loss! You may wish to look at some of these causes for breakage control.

Vitamins and Eyelash Growth

Vitamins do have an important role to play in fuelling lash growth. This is why choosing enhancement serums or conditioners that contain fortifying vitamins is a great idea for those wishing to transform their lashes in a matter of weeks. Nutraluxe Lash MD is one such vitamin rich formulation and a quick run through of a product review posted on trusted portals like will be enough for validation. In such reviews, it is possible to look closely at the ingredients and benefits of this product that help in achieving lustrous eyelashes in the span of a few weeks.

30-50% Fuller Eyelashes Within 6 Weeks

Nutraluxe MD Eyelash Conditioner is an effective concoction of active natural ingredients. Prominent among these are Panthenol or Vitamin B5, which help in strengthening lash follicles and fuelling growth. Vitamin A, on the other hand, is highly suitable for maintaining normal functioning of skin, in and around the sensitive eye-line. The compound also contains Vitamin E, which helps in maintaining the softness and luster of eyelashes. Apart from a rich blend of essential vitamins, other natural ingredients are also present, to nourish the growth of eyelashes.

Advantages of Using this Product

There are several advantages of using Nutraluxe, safety being the topmost. The formulation has been created by experienced medical professionals and duly tested by qualifies ophthalmologists. The product does not contain alcohol or other harmful substances that could lead to eye irritation. Regular usage for a period of four to six weeks will ensure lengthy and fuller lashes. The presence of antioxidants will protect the delicate lash follicles from damage.

Other Options

Ever since the first lash growth compound gained FDA approval in 2009, the market for lash enhancement products has evolved big time. Apart from Nutraluxe Lash MD, there are several equally effective conditioners and growth serums to choose from. For instance, Revitalash is another trusted formulation to try since this has also been formulated by physicians. Besides, it has been endorsed by a team of trusted ophthalmologists. The compound comprises of active natural amine acids and plant extracts. The reviews of the product suggest that over 97% users have benefitted from it.

It Is All About Discipline

Eyelash growth formulation like the Nutraluxe MD Eyelash Conditioner would be delivering sure shot results. However, you will need to apply your choice of enhancement serum as advised, in the prescribed quantity. And, make sure you remove all makeup before applying the serum, for maximum impact.