Fabric, Vinyl, Wood. How to Decide What Type of Blinds are Suitable for Your Office

Choosing a suitable type of blind for your office can be a difficult task as you want something that’s practical, affordable and gives off a professional image. As offices are generally large spaces with windows all around you may need to think about privacy as your office workers don’t want passers-by peering into the window when they are working. Also consider staff who deal with private and sensitive information, they may need privacy, but do not want to be isolated, so blinds in this scenario would be a great option.


Pros and Cons of Fabric, Vinyl and Wooden Blinds – Decide What Type of Blind is Suitable
Fabric Blinds


  • Modern looks so ideal for modern offices
  • Great for large windows as they are available in many sizes
  • Good at blocking out light and affords privacy
  • Available with extra insulation
  • Look more expensive than vinyl blinds
  • Easy to dust
  • Offers UV protection


  • Can be noisy when opening
  • Wear and tear as more movement when being used, so will likely need replacing more often
  • May leave a gap between the blind and the window frame which can be a privacy problem and allowing sunlight to get through.

Vinyl Blinds


  • Really easy to clean
  • Not harmed by moisture
  • Good at blocking out light and affords privacy
  • Least expensive, so great for big offices that require a lot of blinds
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Easy to dust
  • Very functional and neat


  • Not as durable
  • Not as visually appealing
  • Limited style choice

Wooden Blinds:


  • Perfect for older buildings as they fit in with the character and charm
  • Luxury items that are made to last
  • Good at keeping the warmth in and the cold out
  • Matches with almost anything. Comes in different colors from natural wood to varnished
  • Looks and feels expensive giving your office and business that luxury feel.
  • Can be made to any size and personalized to your precise taste


  • More expensive
  • Not great for areas with high moisture levels such as kitchens and bathrooms as can go moldy
  • Can warp and be bleached by the sun

Ways to Choose Which Blinds Are Best Suited to Your Office Space

  • Set a realistic budget
  • Find something that compliments the style and color of your office space
  • Decide what sort of appearance you are trying to achieve
  • Think about the practical side of things
  • Consider Health & Safety issues
  • Make contingencies for installation, such as noise and interruption of working time

When you have made up your mind and are ready to purchase, research the providers of Blinds in Perth who you feel best match what you are looking for. One such company to consider is Westral Blinds in Perth who are specialist providers of custom made blinds to suit any budget and style of property.