Anura Leslie Perera on Helping Those Less Fortunate

Sri Lankan native businessman Anura Perera Raycom has a list of achievements anyone would be envious of. Born in Colombo, he first worked as an engineer and sales professional for Caterpillar Inc. in Zambia, Africa. There, halfway across the world, he became deeply knowledgeable about heavy machinery like tractors, backhoes and hydraulic excavators and various methods for mining and construction. He is currently the Chairman of Singapore based aerospace engineering company Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd., which specializes in manufacturing precision parts for both the aerospace as well as oil and gas industries. He also regularly gives training seminars on business development for Raycom Aerospace in the Middle East and various other locations. Anura Leslie Perera recently helped to facilitate the signing of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Raycom Aerospace and the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) in order to improve the infrastructure of the Al Ain aerospace cluster. Due to his excellent reputation as well as technical knowledge, Anura Leslie Perera regularly appears on various television and radio programs to spread his knowledge and advice to the general public.


The George Phylnormel Foundation

Thankful for all his business successes, Anura Leslie Perera has decided to commit to helping those who are less fortunate than him. He established the George Phynormel Foundation, a non-profit charity organization. Through this organization, he raised money to fund the construction of the Nairobi Buddhist Temple in Kenya. Dedicated to the memory of Mr. George and Mrs. Norma Perera, the temple regularly participates in relief efforts to help victims of natural calamities like the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal, the Asian tsunami and Philippine typhoon. The Nairobi Buddhist temple also supports victims of the Sri Lankan civil war now that peace has returned to that country. Headed by the respected Bhante Wimala, the Theravada Buddhist sanctuary also offers dharma and meditation lessons to people of all faiths.

The Triple Gem Society

Anura Leslie Perera is also a main contributor and supporter of the Triple Gem Society, a secular Buddhist non-profit organization. Established in 2007, the Triple Gem Society adheres to early Buddhist teachings but modifies them for modern practice. The British charity organization holds various Buddhist activities and events like lessons on how to practice mindfulness, discussions on social issues as well as Buddhism related teachings. Those who have participated in the various events, especially the mindfulness courses, confirmed that they have achieved a new sense of inner peace that they did not have before. The Triple gem Society is a non-denominational organization that welcomes participants from all nationalities and faiths. Additionally, it regularly publishes research articles and papers on various subjects like meditation and social changes.

Anura Leslie Perera on Mindfulness

When he developed diabetes, Anura Leslie Perera decided to reboot his life. He took his family to a health treatment center in Spain to practice mindful eating which emphasizes the consumption of alkaline food and thoroughly chewing food before swallowing. He also makes sure to have free time to unwind and engage in his favorite activities, cricket and reading.