7 Easy Ways to Attract New Downloads For Your App

You’ve just launched an app and now you need to wait for download. This process can take time if you are not taking the right steps to attract the right people who will download your app. 

With many new technologies being introduced into the market in 2019, it is essential for you to step up your marketing game if you want your app to stand out. 

Attract New Downloads For Your App

7 Ways to Attract New Downloads

It is essential to attract new downloads to your app if you want to make a lot of sales and beat your competition. 

Below are some amazing ways that you can attract new downloads for you app

1. Build your online presence

Your online presence plays a huge role when it comes to how many downloads your app gets per month. Social media plays a huge role in today’s market and if your business isn’t utilizing social media, you will fall behind your competition. Having an online presence allows you to increase your brand awareness which allows you to post about your app on every social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

In order to get more downloads for your app, you must be consistent with your content. You can do this by regularly updating each social media. Social media management can be a lot of work, especially if your company has never used it before. Consider outsourcing this work if it’s within your company’s budget. If you are doing it yourself, create a strategy for each platform and find unique ways to stand out from your competitors. 

2. Make your app available for free after launch 

Another strategy to increase the downloads for your app is to make it free during the launch stage. This will drastically increase your chances of getting more downloads, because who doesn’t love free stuff?!

According to Digital Authority Partners, one marketing tactic that you can use it to make your app free, but offer paid in-apps. By using this technique, you will increase the number of downloads and you can also encourage a wide range of people to use your app more. 

In addition, by making your app, more people will download it which means it will increase your overall engagement rate on the App Store or the Play Store. This will help you rank so your app will be visible to more people. 

3. Improve Your App Store Optimization

If you haven’t heard of App Store optimization (ASO), you should take the time to learn about it because it can help boost your downloads. ASO has many benefits that you and your company can greatly benefit from. ASO is the process that involves improving your mobile app’s visibility in the store by optimizing each metadata element, such as the app title, keywords, screenshots etc. 

By improving the ASO of your store, your app becomes more visible which automatically increases its discoverability so that app users can easily find it. 

4. Leverage influencers 

Use the power of social media influencers to boost the download rate of your app. If you have a paid app, you can offer a free download to a famous influencer on, for example, Instagram and they will then promote it to all their followers. Since most influencers already have loyal followers, anything they promote will be taken seriously by their fan base which is perfect for your company. 

5. Create a branding style guide for your app

Having a brand is all about making it consistent in all areas. A brand style guide allows you to achieve this. Consider these two factors when it comes to your brand style: your story and your logo. A story will show others what your company values the most and how this will be portrayed in the app. 

Your brand style guide must be consistent, recognizable,  and have a color scheme that stands out. 

If you don’t have a style guide, it will confuse anyone who sees your app on your website, as compared to on Instagram page. 

6. Make sure your app is free of any crashes.

By ensuring that your app is crash-free, more users will download it and keep it. If users find any problems with your app, they’ll hare this problem online which will lower your ranking. 

Before your launch your app, take a proactive approach by making sure your app undergoes various testing procedures so that any potential bugs can be identified. 

7. Ask users to leave reviews on your app.

After you launch your app and you have a few downloads, ask these users to leave a review for your app. This will help to drive more downloads if you get more positive reviews. The algorithm will boost your app rankings and positive reviews increase the chances of more users downloading your app if it has a good reputation. 

The algorithm system of both the App Store and the Play Store takes reviews and ratings into consideration when it comes to ranking apps. 

One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging users to rate and review your app positively by using the push-notification feature. If done at the right time, it will help increase engagement and increases the chances of people leaving positive reviews for your app. 


As mentioned above, there are several things you can do in order to increase the download rate of your app, such as: building your online presence with the help of social media, making your app free of any costs right when you launch, optimizing the app store so your app can rank, leveraging influencers, creating a brand style guide for your app to keep everything consistent, making your app crash-free, and by asking users to leave positive reviews on your app. 

By following all these things, you will definitely be on the right path to making your app #1 on the app store under your category.