5 Proven Strategies to Make Your Video Viral

There are many ways to promote business through the Internet. But the most effective strategy for this will be social networks.

Depending on the specifics of your business, you need to do research and understand which social networks will bring you the maximum effect: YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Facebook.

Most business owners would agree that you need to incorporate social media into your strategy.

Today we’re going to break down the specifics of video marketing and talk in detail about a promotional platform like YouTube.

What kind of companies is interested in YouTube?

 Many businessmen underestimate YouTube as a social network for different reasons. 

Your videos are a direct advertisement for your brand, and uploading a video to your channel is not that difficult. Real YouTube viewers are your potential clients!

 The most important thing on this platform is to figure out what content will be popular on YouTube and how to incorporate it into your business strategy. Let’s break down the most successful types of content:

Viral content:

 The very notion of viral content means that your video became so popular in a short period of time that a huge number of people watched it, not only from your niche but also from other demographic groups.

 Your video should be relevant and useful to your target audience/customers.

Regardless of your topic, your video should contain some aspects that all popular videos have, such as music, shock factor, wit, and the like.

Never forget to optimize the title, description, and tags of your video.

Always use a thumbnail that is both interesting and properly represents the content of your video.

For a video to go viral and be picked up by algorithms, it’s probably not just the total number that matters, but also the rate of views. If there’s a huge buzz right after a video is released, it’s absolutely right that YouTube would be quicker to fluff up the content some more. Because a viral video will eventually bring more profit from the same ads, return existing users to the site, possibly attract a new audience.

 CTR or clickability, that is, the ratio of impressions to clicks is the main indicator of advertising effectiveness. The higher the CTR, the lower the cost per click (CPC) and the more impressions on the best positions, for example for Google Ads. 

 Paid YouTube views help increase your clicks. This is because advertising platforms strive for the most profitable impressions. It makes sense: if you fluff up clickable, attractive, effective ads as much as possible, you can make more money faster. However, CTR is not only relevant for contextual and targeting ads.  But if people see the icon and title of your video, but skip, click on other videos – the platform notices and decreases the rating. So don’t forget to pay enough attention to the snippet. 

 Since YouTube is a search engine, the presence of SEO is a must. If you have even a basic understanding of SEO, then you understand how important keywords are because it is on them, your audience can easily find you. In order to understand what keywords you need to use you can use services such as VidiQ or Ahrefs, which will automatically analyze your channel and give you information on what keywords you should use.

You need to use keywords in the title and description of your video.

You may be surprised, but the title and text that describe your video are as important as the video content on your channel.

 Don’t forget to do trending and recommendation analysis. Always be aware of all the updates that are happening in the digital world and use them to keep your audience engaged. Speaking of which, let’s talk about your subscribers!

 You need to understand what kind of audience you’re watching and create your content plan based on that. In addition to gender, age, and country you need to consider how users are comfortable watching your content. If your videos are mostly watched from a cell phone, then your videos should be adapted for smartphones, if your audience prefers to watch your videos using a laptop, then it’s the opposite.

Think about using mobile devices when creating your videos

 Statistically, people prefer to use mobile devices or tablets to watch YouTube. This is easy to explain. First of all this way you can watch content from anywhere, from the bathroom, in a cab, walking outside, or at a meal. 

 All you have to do is track your YouTube channel’s traffic to see for yourself. To do this, click on the channel icon. Then go to Creator Studio. 

 After that, on the left side, click on Analytics and then on Devices. You’ll be able to see what devices and operating systems people are watching your videos from.

 This is very important because if your videos don’t look good on the devices and operating systems that people are most likely to use, they won’t go viral.

Pay attention to video production:

If you’ve decided to take a professional approach, then you need a team of professionals to shoot it. The better you present your product, the better are the chances that it will be bought!

 You will need a cameraman and editor. To start this will be more than enough. It is not enough to shoot a beautiful picture, you must also process it. All further action already depends on your creativity. To make a profitable description of the SEO we have already told you, you only need to apply these tips in practice!

 I hope you now have a clear understanding of the digital world and the algorithms of YouTube. All you need is to choose a proven marketing strategy and be prepared to be popular.  This platform loves creativity, uniqueness, and ingenuity. With our tips, you will definitely be able to conquer this social network and make the algorithms work for you! I know you can do it. Good luck!