Three Reasons Why People Don’t Travel Internationally (And Why They’re Wrong)

Baseless fears are a big part of why people don’t travel. Don't let them get the better of you.
Photo by CC user tookapic on Pixabay.

International travel is a dream of many, but most people never achieve it. That’s not because it’s impossible. In fact, regular globe-hopping is well within the skills and capabilities of many people. We miss out because of one of several reasons: we’re overly committed back home, we don’t have the time or money, we just don’t make it happen because that’s not something most people do. There are good reasons why each one of these arguments for the status quo breaks down. We’ll take a look at those arguments and hopefully convince you to catch a flight or jump aboard a ferry, sometime soon.

Overly Committed Back Home – If you have a ton of commitments where you live – job, kids, family, tenure, a fantastic garden, a dog who hates plane rides – you’re like most adults. Almost everybody has commitments where they live. That’s called having roots. That’s called living your life in the place where you call home. None of these things is a complete deal-breaker for international travel. Sure, there are some conditions that may keep you home for a year or two – a sick loved one, starting your company, finishing college – but that doesn’t mean you have to stay home forever. NobelCom makes it easy to keep in touch with the important people back home, whether you’re traveling for a week or six months out of the year. Even if you can’t set off in the near future, make a plan, organize your commitments, and get traveling!

Not Enough Time and Money – Nobody is going to argue with you if you complain that international travel is expensive. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to keep you home, and there are more deals to be had than ever before. Take travel to (and through) Iceland, for example. Flying to Iceland from the United States is cheap because the Icelandic government subsidizes travel to boost tourism. They also make themselves a very affordable travel hub, even if you are just catching a connecting flight. Deals like this are becoming more common as stories like this become more commonly known. Travel is for your personal betterment, and because saving money is in your best interest, start looking for deals like these!

Most People Don’t Travel – This is the lamest excuse of them all! The world is only getting smaller. Just because your friends and relatives haven’t woken up to the new ease of international travel, doesn’t mean you should put off this enjoyment yourself. NobelCom calling cards make it easy to maintain communication with whoever needs you back home. They can handle themselves. You, on the other hand, need travel bad, and it’s up to you to make it happen.

There are plenty of excuses that people use NOT to travel. But there are way more GOOD reasons to make international travel happen for yourself, especially if you have not done so in the past. It’ll change your life, but (fair warning), it’ll make you want to travel more and more. That, turns out, isn’t a terrible problem to have.