Who Has More FIFA World Cup Titles

The FIFA world cup is the biggest and most important tournament in the world of football. Every country tries their best so that it can participate in the tournament. This is where the best meets the best in the world. At the end of it, the team that scoops the overall price is the best in the world till the next tournament.


This is one of the best countries when it comes to football. It is no secret that they do have the best payers in the world. Talk of the legend Pele and no the amazing Neymar. 

Brazil has won the tournament five times and they have participated in every tournament.


The German team has proven to be the best in the world. Competing 8 times in the finals and managing to win 4 trophies since the establishment of the cup. Their latest win was the 2014 world cup. Germany is also best known for real money online casinos and people also bet on sports for extra income. 


To date, the country holds 4 world cup titles. It’s one of the counties that held the title for 16 years before another tournament was held. Their last win of the title was in 2006 after defeating France.

Argentina and Uruguay

Together with Uruguay, both countries hold two world cup titles. For Argentina, they won their first title the first time they hosted the tournament over the Netherlands. The other they won it over Germany. 

As for their tie, Uruguay had the best time in the early days when they win the two trophies over Argentina. However, since then they have only been participating in the tournament.


The current holders of the trophy making it the second one in their football history. They are the fourth on the list surpassing England that has one. No wonder best casino sites gamblers love it a lot.


It brings so much joy and excitement to win. It’s a guarantee that you are the best player in the world for the next four years.