5 Tips for Buying Floor Scrubbers

These Tips for Buying Floor Scrubbers will get you one that will stand the test of time
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There are many types of floors scrubbers available in the market today but exactly automatic units are considered to be the best ones. They can clean pretty much any hard surface floor. They are easy to handle and the result after their cleaning is much better that one after the mop and bucket cleaning. If you decided that you need to get a floor scrubber then here are some tips to make your choice faster and easier.

1. Size and type of the cleaned area

One of the main things to consider is the area that will be cleaned with the help of floor scrubbers. Do not evaluate it by the largest one but consider even the smallest rooms where you plan to use the machines. For instance, if you plan to clean the school make sure that floor scrubber you choose can be allied to everything from large gym to smaller canteen and hallways. Professionals say that even if you sacrifice a little time on cleaning larger spaces while being able to use the scrubber in smaller one in the end you win time and efforts spent on cleaning in general.

2. Door widths

Another vital thing to consider and consequently measure is door width. Your floor scrubbers must fit into all door ways you have. As a rule, these machines are made of standard size for standard doorways. But most old buildings have non-standard doorway sizes because of the years they were built. Professionals insist on the necessity to check your doorways prior to purchasing any floor scrubbers to be sure that the machines specifications match your space needs. This rule applies for both walk-behind and automatic units.

3. Drain and refill locations

All automatic floor scrubbers can hold pretty a lot of water, so you need to consider where you can dump the dirty water and then refill the machine with the clean water. Experts advise to set up some kind of storage room for your floor scrubbers and make several water ports there for refilling and dumping, In this way you will have a place to put the machines after the job is done for the night time and at the same time have one room for everything. In case you have troubles with the space make sure to purchase special longer drain hoses and specific fittings directly from the manufacturers.

4. Charging areas

If you plan to use battery based floor cleaning machines then you should also remember that they must be charged every once in a while. You need to consider not only space for charging spots but also voltage in your building not to destroy the whole system. In terms of space you can use stations described above for this purpose. To make sure that your voltage is enough, consult professional electrician before starting any actions.

5. Automatic Floor Scrubber Operators

And the final word is to make sure that you hire well-trained floor scrubber operators for your business, as the wrong ones will wear out your equipment faster.

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