Tech Features to Look Out for in the Latest Luxury Vehicles

The holiday season is here, and with it come a veritable feast for the eyes of luxury car fans everywhere.

The holidays are one of the best times to see luxury automotive brands like Lincoln, Audi, and BMW showcase their latest offerings, and for those who view new car tech as being one of the biggest reasons to get excited for in a new vehicle, the 2019 models are proving exciting indeed.

While there are a whole host of exciting new features coming onto the market in the coming year, here are just a few things to look out for during the Christmas season.


Entertainment may seem like a secondary consideration when shopping for a car, but there are plenty of ways new entertainment features can play a huge role in making your life easier — especially if you have children.

Many 2019 luxury cars and SUVs come with built-in screens in the backseat that can play Netflix videos or stream music. And for the front seat passengers, sophisticated infotainment systems and heads-up displays can help you access your favourite podcasts and Internet radio stations in safer and easier ways.

Smartphone Connectivity

Most new cars now come with tech options that connect your phone to your car. Android Auto and Apple Car Play are both hugely popular programs that make it easy for your car’s infotainment system to become an extension of your phone.

But the really cutting-edge tech features currently available only with luxury models allow you to integrate your car into your smart home network. This means that, using a smart home device like Alexa, you can start your car, lock and unlock your doors, and even pre-heat it to a particular temperature before stepping outside your home.

Performance-Enhancement Tools

Tech isn’t just about creating a better entertainment experience and making your car more convenient to use. Technological features are also driving a wide range of exciting new tools that help vehicles perform better.

For example, one of the reasons why it is great to buy a new Lincoln car is due to tech-driven driving enhancements like Adaptive Suspension, which uses microprocessors and sensors to adjust your suspension to the road conditions in real time.

Improved Safety

Naturally, safety is going to be a major concern when buying a new vehicle, and while the latest brands have an impressive array of safety enhancements like blind spot detection and lane departure warning, the most truly impressive new tools are still the province of luxury brands.

Would you like a vehicle that can recognize upcoming traffic signs? What about a car that has a surround-view camera, or front and rear parking assist? These are just a few of the safety features that are available when you purchase a hot new luxury car from one of world’s foremost brands.

While luxury cars are an unmistakable signifier of an upmarket lifestyle, buying a luxury vehicle isn’t a sign of financial comfort — it is also a very smart decision if you want to avail yourself of tech tools that will make driving easier, safer, and more fun. Purchasing a luxury vehicle for its safety and performance-enhancement features can be a very responsible decision, especially if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

If you are in the market for a new car this holiday season, don’t settle for second best. Purchase an exciting new Lincoln for yourself, and head out on the January roads secure in the knowledge that you are protected by the very newest technology available.