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Here’s How New Automotive Technology Can Solve Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a deceptively complex issue — one that defies easy solutions. But it’s increasingly clear that new technologies will play a large and perhaps decisive role in its amelioration, along with the sorts of cultural and behavioral changes that proved so successful in stigmatizing unhealthy activities such as tobacco use and driving under the influence. These technologies, all of which are operational or in development, are among the most exciting anti-distraction innovations of the decade.

Imagine What Smart Phones will be like in 10 years

what smart phones will be like

Less than 10 years ago Apple released the first iPhone and changed the tech market forever. Think how far technologies on our mobile phones have advanced since then, apps for everything, high definition video, and now ever waterproof. Technology is growing at a exponential rate, we didn’t even have cellphones twenty years ago. If smartphones have changed this much since release, imagine what smart phones will be like in 10 years. Part of your Home Many business predictions for the technology market proclaim smart devices to be the wave of the future. This means your smart phone will hook up…