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Leaders are Built Not Born – Here’s How


When we see someone at the top of their game, whether it is a sports star, a political leader or a business icon, we imagine that this person was born with all of the natural skills and qualities to lead. This is hardly ever the case. Instead we are seeing the result of long process of honing a set of skills until the person is an expert in executing them. Along the way, the person came up against and got past failures and disappointments that ultimately strengthened him or her and helped create the leader you see in front of…

Understand Team Members Better To Be A Better Leader


If you read leadership books you will quickly figure out the fact that there is a lot of focus that is put on management. This is not actually enough to be a really good leader. It is really important that you are patient and that you focus on your team members. One of the reasons why Charles Phillips role as president of Oracle was so successful and why the work he does at Infor is even better is the focus put on the team. If you understand the members of your team, there is a much higher possibility that you…