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Finding Out What Your Future Has in Store for You


Humans have not yet invented a way in which we can travel back or forth through time, we may not be far away from understanding how, but any kind of time machine looks unlikely to be invented for a long time yet. Despite not being able to physically go into the future, there are still lots of ways in which you can understand what the future holds in store for you. Not every one believes in the ability to see the future but many are surprised when they find out what fate has in store for them and it actually…

The most futuristic factories in the world


Photo by CC user Manecke on Wikimedia Commons While most people think of factories as dirty, grimy places, the manufacturing facilities of the 21st century are quite different from what most people imagine in their heads. Consisting of futuristic designs that are beautiful, highly efficient, and environmentally responsible, these are buildings that even the non-industrial minded person can appreciate. Below, we will give several examples of what we think are the most futuristic factories in the world… Volkswagen’s transparent factory, Dresden, Germany Of all the futuristic factories on this list, one of the most spectacular is the transparent factory that Volkswagen…