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Examples of Tax Deductible Charitable Donations


One of the ways the government is encouraging people to donate to charity, is by making their donations tax deductible. However, it is not as easy as you being able to deduct whatever you donated, regardless of whether that was property, cash, or services. There are some traps to be aware of, as the Welfont Group has explained. Services Donation If you donate your services, then you cannot deduct any compensation for your time from your taxes. You can, however, deduct expenses if they have not been reimbursed from the charity. This includes things like driving costs, accommodation if needed,…

Tech And Money At The Olympics


The Olympics are a great place for technological innovations to gain international recognition. Most of the tech innovations are usually designed to improve the athlete’s performance. Such innovations include data analysing gadgets and wearables which improve efficiency. However, there are several other technologies that are also used during the games. These do not get to be in the limelight as those that are directly related to the sport. Without this background tech, the athletes and the viewers experience would not be as good. One such innovation is the use Near Field Communications (NFC) technologies to conduct transactions. Near Field Communications…