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Construction Industry Trends for 2017


Since late 2013, residential construction, and particularly, apartment construction, has been a major contributor to the Australian economy. With record numbers of dwellings approved and commenced during 2015, there was a major concern that a housing bubble was being created. The response was that lenders began to place tighter controls on their lending practices causing a slowdown in 2016 of residential building. Commercial construction was also on an upswing as a result of the revenue coming internally from mining and externally from Asian investors. As we enter 2017, there is a question about if Australia has sidestepped the bubble. And…

Put Level Switches to Work for Your Jobs


If your current profession involves the need for specialized parts, where do you go to find them? While many consumers would turn to stores in their neighborhoods or vendors that they know of, others opt for the Internet. As online sales of countless items continue to increase, going to the worldwide web for both information and ultimately purchasing products is becoming the norm. That said using the Internet for research and buying parts you will require for a job in the home, a construction and/or worksite etc. makes sense. One of those needs may be a level switch.

The Two Megaprojects Which are Captivating Australia


The term “megaproject” is certainly an extravagant one and when one actually starts to look at the definition, everything starts to click into place. The construction industry view a megaproject as anything which costs over $1 billion dollars and has substantial impact on anything ranging from communities to the environment. Suffice to say, few fall into this category and those that do often carry a lot of attention. In the case of Australia, there are currently two that are in the pipeline. Suffice to say, with billions of dollars and a lot of reputations at stake, it means that not…

Amazing Construction: The Palm, Dubai


‘The Palm’ is an artificial island that was constructed off the coast of Dubai, this incredible man-made island is shaped like a palm tree with a crescent over the top. The design was the brain child of the Prince of Dubai and there is another Palm island in construction right now to twin with the first. The Palm islands have become synonymous with Dubai and once again show off the boldness of the city. The size of this construction job was immense, people like Lisa Dudzik, who have experience in large-scale design will tell you that a job as big…