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CEO Spotlight on Dr. Joe Johnson


Aside from politicians, CEOs are the most powerful people in the World, they are the heads of huge companies and corporations that make decision every day that have the ability to impact millions of lives, often they can be more important than politicians themselves such is the wealth that they create. Being a CEO of a board is an incredibly attractive prospect to many of us and in order to give you some inspiration for how to go about achieving that dream, we are going to take a look into the life and career of Joseph Jonson Welfont’s CEO to…

Top Traits That Separate the Top CEOs


Take a look at the CEOs who head up the biggest companies in the world and you’ll start to notice some startling similarities. Not in how they look, not in how old they are – but how they act. To be a CEO, you have to have a certain DNA. You have to be made up of certain attributes and in short, just not everyone has it in them. However, what exactly are these attributes? We’ve delved deep and scrutinized the most successful CEOs in the world and found that the following four characteristics are what separates them from the…