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What Is Synygy Inc. and Who Is its founder?


Mark Stiffler is just 35 years old, and he has already founded a huge company: Synygy Inc. of Bala Cynwyd. Stifler is obsessed with analytical processes, because he understands that information is what is needed to reach goals. He started to become interested in data analysis as an MIT undergraduate student, and kept going from there. Following his undergraduate degree, Stiffler went on to complete an MBA. As part of his degree, he had to complete a thesis, which he entitled “Overcoming Barriers to the Effective Use of Simulation as a Strategy Analysis Tool”. What shines through, even just in…

4 ways to go the extra mile for your customers


Want to be the business that has customers lining up out the door? Truth be told, there isn’t much that separates the business that has a decent following and one that has a dedicated following. By all outward appearances, these two businesses would look almost exactly the same, but when you would analyze the wildly successful business’ approach to customer service, the reasons behind their popularity would become crystal clear. Robert Bassam applied the principles of Occam’s razor to customer service when he was starting up his auto dealership empire years ago. If you apply them to your enterprise, we…

Hosted PBX: An Essential for Businesses Large or Small


Communication is vital to any well run organisation. Keeping up to date with the latest communications technology ensures efficiency in operations, allowing your focus to be kept on what you do best. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows communications to be run across the internet. When implemented correctly, it is an efficient, reliable and cost effective way to communicate compared to the standard copper wire services (PSTN or ISDN). VoIP technology is extremely flexible and provides effortless, worldwide communication channels to organisations. VoIP telephony is an excellent addition to a business phone system. This is due…