Redecorate Your Way to a New Home

Have you been living in your home for a long time and are considering moving to a new one because your current place but it just doesn’t feel great to you anymore? Well, before you go through the hassles and expense of buying a new home, you should know that these days there are lots of strategies to make your current home feel new.

If you have watched any of the TV home design shows, you have seen amazing remodels and redesigns. The thing about these is that although they are gorgeous, what you see happening in a half an hour, actually takes sometimes weeks to complete leaving you in a messy living environment filled with dust and debris. And they cost in the tens of thousands of dollars in designers, contractors, and materials costs.

But there are other solutions that don’t put you or your wallet out, and that also have a dramatic effect on your living space. These minor cost improvements greatly add to the beauty of your home and can be completed in less than a day. Here are two to consider:

Bring Some Style to Your Bedding

Did you know that by simply changing the bedding in a room, it can completely transform its character? In fact it can be more dramatic than painting or wallpapering, and costs a fraction of either.

Even though the bed is the center-piece of a bedroom, bedding is often the most overlooked element of a bedroom. Yet it can be a very effective item in adding charm, elegance and character to the room and making it feel new. Here are some tips on how to use bedding to make your bedroom stand out:

Use Layered Bedding to Create a Dramatic Look

To create a dramatic effect you should layer your bedding. Purchase sheets blankets, a duvet and lots of pillows in different textures and coordinated colours. You should consider colours of other items in the room like the curtains, dressers, bedframe and any art.

Here is how to layer your bedding:

  • First, lay down a bed skirt.
  • Then layer on sheets and a blanket that get tucked in together.
  • Place a duvet across the bed.
  • Pile on the pillows at the top of the bed with the ones you sleep on in the back, Euro-size pillows in front and throw pillows in front.
  • Finish off the look, with a throw at the foot of the bed.

This approach to making your bed, allows for different textures and colours to be combined to create a rich and opulent look. You can try mixing solid colours with patterns and lights with darker shades to create and change effects throughout the week. Experiment and decide what looks you love.

Make Your Curtains Classy

Curtains are very important to a room because they add richness, define its shape and give it colour. By taking the time to pick your curtains based on some important factors, they can be used to rejuvenate and enhance a room. Companies like Julian Charles offer the widest selection of bedding in every desirable fabric and color. Their focus is always to help #RenovateRedecorateInspire.


Lighter and sheer materials cause a room to look larger and feel airy while thicker and darker materials make a room more intimate and cozy. In a bedroom, if you like the room to be extremely dark when for sleeping, you need to aim for heavier curtains or at least those with a tightly wound fabric to block out the sun.

Colours and Designs

The colour is also a factor in controlling how much light comes in with darker colours letting in less light. To add pop to a room, consider a brightly coloured or patterned curtain.

There are many styles of designs for curtains today from simple to extremely ornate and from single to layered interspersing colours shapes and patterns. Look to use a variety of these throughout the house to give each room a distinct look.

The Desired Effect

You should pick the curtains in each room based on the feel you want to create for that room. If you like a certain colour palate vary the materials and colours within that colour theme to make every room distinguishable. Take the bold step in your living room to make the curtains the center of attention. In the dining room have them compliment a piece of furniture or art work. The result will be a new and different look for every room of the house and your entire home will feel refreshed.

Making these changes are easy and impactful and can make your home look and feel new.  Discover even more wonderful tips for redecorating every room in your home in the free Julian Charles e-book at: