New Home, New Neighbourhood, New Life

New Home

One of the best aspects of moving house is the fact that people will be stepping into new surrounds. This gives them a chance to experience a new neighbourhood and add a different aspect to their lives. Read this helpful guide in order to learn how a move can open up new possibilities for people and their families.

What Is Synygy Inc. and Who Is its founder?


Mark Stiffler is just 35 years old, and he has already founded a huge company: Synygy Inc. of Bala Cynwyd. Stifler is obsessed with analytical processes, because he understands that information is what is needed to reach goals. He started to become interested in data analysis as an MIT undergraduate student, and kept going from there. Following his undergraduate degree, Stiffler went on to complete an MBA. As part of his degree, he had to complete a thesis, which he entitled “Overcoming Barriers to the Effective Use of Simulation as a Strategy Analysis Tool”. What shines through, even just in…

Examples of Tax Deductible Charitable Donations


One of the ways the government is encouraging people to donate to charity, is by making their donations tax deductible. However, it is not as easy as you being able to deduct whatever you donated, regardless of whether that was property, cash, or services. There are some traps to be aware of, as the Welfont Group has explained. Services Donation If you donate your services, then you cannot deduct any compensation for your time from your taxes. You can, however, deduct expenses if they have not been reimbursed from the charity. This includes things like driving costs, accommodation if needed,…

How T.B. Joshua Aims to Take SCOAN Forward


The SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations) is a unique church, led by Prophet TB Joshua has followed the same vision for many years now. They aim to reach millions of people, showing them the evidence of the presence of Christ and giving them saving grace. God speaks through TB Joshua, using him as a divine instrument of salvation, blessing, deliverance, prophecy, and healing. Healing is a particularly important element of what SCOAN stands for, citing examples of people who recover from terminal illnesses, including cancer and AIDS. They believe this is proof of the presence of God and Jesus…

4 ways to go the extra mile for your customers


Want to be the business that has customers lining up out the door? Truth be told, there isn’t much that separates the business that has a decent following and one that has a dedicated following. By all outward appearances, these two businesses would look almost exactly the same, but when you would analyze the wildly successful business’ approach to customer service, the reasons behind their popularity would become crystal clear. Robert Bassam applied the principles of Occam’s razor to customer service when he was starting up his auto dealership empire years ago. If you apply them to your enterprise, we…

Larry Polhill – Things to Consider Before Buying a Business


For some people, the thrill of starting their own business and of making something from nothing makes all of the sacrifices of time, energy and money well worth it.  However, other people like Larry Polhill prefer to acquire businesses that are already established with proven revenue streams and existing customers.  If you are considering the purchase of an existing business, here are some things to keep in mind. Contracts and Agreements There is no question that it is a good thing to have contracts or sales orders in place as you take over – this can take some of the…

5 Things to Take Care While Travelling Abroad


Whether you are travelling abroad for the first time or have been there many times, a checklist is important to follow before every tour. Keeping few important things in mind at the time of planning your tour abroad would ensure a hassle free travelling. While domestic travel requires simple planning of tickets, accommodation, local sightseeing, and meals, international travel has many legal obligations to follow. You would be entering an unknown territory, hence knowing the local culture, travel customs, and food habits would help you plan your tour better. The checklist is too long, however we have tried to consolidate…