New Ionic Smartwatch with Blood Oxygen Sensor from Fitbit

The new Ionic Smartwatch by Fitbit is creating a stir in tech circles

Fitbit, the wearables giant unveiled its first smartwatch called Fitbit Ionic. Fitbit Blaze was the closest innovation to a smartwatch when it got launched last year. However, Fitbit Blaze couldn’t be competitive with other wearable tech devices as it wasn’t that advanced. On this new device, third-party apps and watch face designs can be installed.

The smartwatch is partnering with Adidas as the device comes with training programs. Did you know that you can also play casino games on your smartwatch? For more information on different types of games, visit Ionic is highly customized with health and fitness features that are not found in other smart watches. Blood oxygen sensor called SpO2 sensor is the main feature that can detect the amount of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood. Furthermore, in the future, this sensor can be able to provide other health insights such as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Fitbit informed that its improved heart tracker gives more accurate results than those used in other devices. The device is equipped with the best GPS tracking system and loaded dynamic workouts. A user will not worry about water, it is water resistant to a depth of 50 metres or 164ft. Additionally, Ionic smartwatch has other features like onboard music up to 300 songs. Has a storage space of 2.5 gigabytes to store your favourite music and also apps available in Fitbit App Gallery. Ionic also has smart notifications, clock, contactless payments and sleep tracking.

Ionic uses a Fitbit 4+ day battery. Life on a single charge lasts for 10 hours using GPS or playing music. It’s compatible with smartphones and you can get notifications such as receive calls, texts, calendar alerts, and other social media notifications. It seems the only thing that you cannot do on this device is to play real money online pokies.

Ionic is yet to be released in the beginning of October 2017, however, it is now available for pre-order on Fitbit’s website ( The Ionic attracts a price tag of £300 or roughly $387.